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Time Management
I have learned excellent time management skills during my educational career and workplace positions. I can fulfill multiple goals, requirements, and tasks simultaneously and efficiently. 
I have been prepared to write in various styles of writing including creative fiction and academic non-fiction. I can and will perform excellent grammatical knowledge and proficiency.
Literature Knowledge
I am well read in a variety of literature including academic non-fiction and biographical works.
Mangement Experience
I have some experience in a managerial position that requires me to oversee other employees and work flow.
Interpersonal Communication Skills
I have worked for about three years in a field that requires immense amounts of customer service and problem solving skills. 

Work experience

Oct 2011Present

Team Leader/Manager

Slacker's CDs and Games

I was responsible for overseeing the workflow of employees. I also had a large part in taking care of customer services including returns, product trades, and product sales. I have also written movie reviews that are published on the company's website. 

Jul 2011Sep 2011



I was responsible for cleaning the restaurant, taking orders, and making sure customers were satisfied. I left because of schedule conflicts.

May 2008Jul 2008

Rotator Staff

Camp Ondessonk

I was responsible for instructing campers how to do certain tasks depending on the activity area where I was stationed. I was also responsible for the well-being of the campers staying within my own living unit. This includes waking them up in the morning and getting them to breakfast on time and making sure they are showered and to dinner on time. I left because it was the end of the camp session I was hired to attend.


Aug 2010May 2014


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville


I have a graduating GPA of 3.5 and have made Dean's List for six consecutive semesters. My courses have primarily involved literary analysis and critique. I have taken courses to prepare me to teach high school level English which familiarized me with novels for children ages 13 to 18. I have also take courses in Speech Communication for my minor that has prepared me to work well with diverse groups of people. I've dabbled in creative writing and excel in academic writing. 

Fellowship of English Education Students and Teachers

As the secretary, I oversaw the completion and submission of all paperwork required to schedule meetings. I also took detailed notes at each meeting and made sure to distribute them to all members. I also was responsible for the club's social media pages and other publicity aspects.

Movie Reviews