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I think the characteristic that I embody the most is "concern." I am always actively concerned about what I can do to improve. Video can be a time consuming section and cranking out seamless videos on deadline is challenging. But I love it. 

Every time before I know there is an upcoming video, I always map the video out in my head, questioning every little detail down to how long should this shot be to what sorts of angles/shots/interviews do I want? I strive for perfection knowing I can never get there. Instead I just constantly build off of my previous video, looking at what angles I could of taken, what sorts of questions I should of asked, and the different "eye" of editing I could have approached the video from. I am again, constantly concerned for my work and my work ethic, but I know my passion will ultimately guide me through and showcase my persistence. 

I am also constantly concerned about other staff members when it comes to multimedia in general. Recently assuming editorship, I realize communication is everything. Not just being told that you will do something but letting them know when you did it. I realize my concerning nature wants to make sure everyone is clear and not confused as to what is going on; to make sure everyone is on the same page as I. While small, just telling me that "you got the photo" or telling the author of the article that "the art is ready" is small but a small burst of relief.

Being concerned may sound like a desperate characteristic but to me, it means being constantly aware and alert of what you can do as an individual to influence your own work but also the vital constant communication that is necessary for any publication.

Best Work


- CSF (3 years)

- Helping out at Mound Elementary School 2nd and 4th graders (3 years)

- KIWINS (2 years)

- Japanese Classes (4+ years)


My first year being the foundation, my experience with Photography, more specifically journalism photograph, has flourished. I used to be intimidated by the idea of asking someone for their time to take a photo of them because I wasn't fully confident in my dslr skills. I called this "pressure Photography" where you must not only learn to balance patience, skill and time but be constantly alert for the moments that you only have 1 shot to capture. This year I have started to take on more photography deadlines, while mainly because of our lack of staff, I was very glad I did to further develop my photography skills. My best example of initiative was taking the photo of the entire staff at Foothill to commemorate Mr. Prewitt. To be honest I was freaking out because I wanted to be 100% sure this photo, which was probably the most important photo I took this whole year, was A-Ok. And I'm glad I was taught to just stay calm and take the photo, make mistakes but just try again. The photo turned out wonderfully, I was honored to take the photo (with all the subjects eyes open ;)

Video is looked down upon. But when I heard our publication was innovating and looking for new depths to add to the website, I was thrilled and suggested features videos. The initiative I took was making the first features video along side an article  I think this is one of my favorite types of videos to create. Though not many were made this year, I hope that this extra layer of depth in articles is implemented much more in the future. The future of multimedia innovations will be in different kinds of photo angles, or interactive videos.


Kazutoshi Koba is a Multimedia Journalist for the Foothill Dragon Press. He specializes in producing videos but also takes photos for the publication. During his free time, Kazu enjoys taking photos to update his Instagram, spreading peace, being different, and sipping endless amount of Starbucks while editing video.


"Will forever be in use"
Final Cut Pro
Transitioning from iMovie; best thing ever
"Will forever be in use"