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Geologist graduated in 1988´s, with a working experience in the Republic of Cuba for more than fifteen years. High level skills in geologic and geochemical investigations including different stages of sampling and interpretation episode, training of personnel in mathematical techniques of geologic data´s treatment.

I have been acted in differents types of ore deposits (base metals, gold, silver)  in several stages, including  reconnaissance  and  mapping at very local scale also. Good training in database design for set up geochemical and geological studies and implementing geostatistical methods for the investigations. Leadership behavior. I can speak fluent in Spanish and English. Basic levels of communications in French, Italian and Russian

High level using and set up softwares applying to the geologic and mining industry and GIS as well: Surfer (R),  GEMCOM (R), AutoCAD (R), MapInfo (R), gvSIG, MapWindow,  QSIG, ArcGIS, VarioWin,

Work experience

Sep 2004Present


Geologist.  Assistant Profesor in the Phisics, Maths and Computer Faculty. Environmental studies and his relations to the geology. Consultant in implementations of Geographic Information System in growin enterprises.


Senior Geologist

Science, Techn and Environment Ministry

Geochemical investigations in rocks, soils and water. Contaminations studies. Geostatistical treatment of data. Databases design.



Empresa Geominera Centro

- June 2002  Geologist. Evaluation of mineralized zones in VMS ore deposit and  use of geostatistical methods.  Settlement hydrotermal alteration zones. Ore reserve estimation applying geomathematical methods. Design of geologic and geochemical investigations. Write a scientic report ( Worth for a Master Degree´s Thesis in Regional Geology). 

- 2000 – 2002  Geologist. Evaluation of ore reserves for non metallic minerals in "El Purio" formation. Set the ore model. Trainning technical personnel in determination of ore reserve and methods. -    2000 – 2001  Geochemist. Hydrogeological investigations for "Ciego Montero" zone. Geochemical studies for protection´s sanitary zones.  Databases design. Writing a geochemical report of the investigation. Use of satelital imagery. -    1993 – 1999 Computer system analist. Modelling for ore deposits. Remote sensing experience. High level in hardware and software´s computers. Use and good knowledge of Windows and Linux platform as well. -    1993 – 1994  Geochemist. Hydrogeological study of central part of Cuba. Use of remote sensing tools and programs. Aerial and satelital images. Databases design and construct all program system from the scratch for this kind of data.  -    Mayo, 1996  Geologist. Geochemical and environmental study of city of Cienfuegos and sorroundings. Rocks, water and  soils sampling. Databases design for the specific investigations.-    1992 – 2000 Training technical personnel in mathematical methods for management of geological informations. Databases creations and modifications. Common types and uses. Introducing specialized people in computers techniques. Use of systems for geology, mining and geochemical data. Use of Geographic Information System.  -    1991 – 1993. Geologist.  Exploration for detail zones for polimetalic ores. Use of geostatistical methods in the explorations and sampling methods. (El Trillon and Matacaballo´s mines). -    1990 – 1991. Geochemist. Leader of geochemical works for ore manifestations settlement in ultrabasic formations. Write  final geochemical report for soils investigations and sampling. -    1989 – 1990.  Geologist. Detail investigations for gold, silver and base metal. Geological zones of  magmatic,  vulcanic, metamorfic rocks. Open pit and underground sampling. Help in training personnel. Writing technical report..-    1989 – 1991. Geologist. Leader of a small staff. Geochemical investigations at regional and local stage including water, rock and soils sampling. Geostatistical methods for geochemical informations resulting from investigations. Database design for geomathematical treatment . -    Sept. 1988 – 1989. Geologist. Regional reconnaissance in magmatic, metamorfic and ultrabasic formations. Rock sampling. Write report about staff investigations. 



High level in exploration for metallic and non metallic deposits. Geologic and geochemical explorations. Ore reserve estimation. Geostatistic and geomathematical methods. Use of remote sensing applications and Geographic Information System. Training personnel´s skills and management.