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Work experience

Aug 2012Nov 2013

Stacked shelves and handled the cash register


I worked at a Foursquare stacking shelves and handling the cash register, also selling goods to the great customers. I also managed the Foursquare website.



Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Tuia Te Matangi

Our kura is the only kura kaupapa at the top of the south. Our kura is unlike other schools. At our kura Maori is the only language we speak. I am the second oldest out of the students at my school. Our school goes from primary right up to year 13, therefore older students also have lots of responsibilities looking after our younger students as well as keeping the kura tidy. Currently I am studying a Technology course at NMIT. I have recently completed NCEA 1 and 2 I also passed a technology course at NMIT. I did the course because I wanted to learn about how electrical devices operate. I also love working with technology.


Experience and Knowledge
  • I have gained communication skills during my attendance at Martial Arts. I also gained knowledge of communication while working at the Foursquare helping and connecting with the customers. I was also a youth leader, so communication skills had to be a strong quality in order to connect with the youth. Although my communication skills were strong my knowledge of communication increased during my time as a leader.
  • During my time at the Foursquare I learnt that the customers are what  keeps the job progressing and so I learnt that politely bonding or connecting with the customers and serving them with a smile is a good way to keep them coming in and buying goods from the store. I love putting smiles on peoples faces. Satisfying customers needs is one of my motivations.
  • I am fit and strong and able to help lift heavy objects.
  • While working behind the counter at the I learnt how to work the register.
  • I was so good at working my stations that the owner gained trust in me and let me run the store occasionally on my own, this means I had to handle the register, stack a few shelves, keep the store tidy including the back and take care of customers that needed assistance.


I am a fit young man 16 years of age who is into exercise .

I am capable of working in groups and/or alone.

I am a clean and tidy worker.

I work well with others and I am able to get along with anyone.

If you give me a job I will do it.

I am a "soldier on" type of person and I like to give everything my all.

I am efficient, fast, clean, and strong.

I have great costumer service skills and I try my best to make everyone happy.

I am looking at excelling in my art but I still want to keep my fitness levels up. Therefore I am searching for a job the will allow me to keep my body in great shape.

I am a black belt in Martial Arts and am well disciplined.



Marama Bevan. (027 767 3761). Currently Works for O2b Health and studies at NMIT.

Rose Newton. (027 727 5888). Youth Worker.

Harriet Donaldson. (021 618 790). Director at Kip McGrath.

Personal Statement

My goal is to find a job where I can keep my self fit and work with electronic devices, earn some money and fill the free time I have in the weekends and weekdays if needed.  I enjoy working with people and encouraging them to try their best. I also enjoy helping people. I believe that customer's are the glue to hard work and success and that every customer should be served with a smile.