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Work experience

Sep 2014Present

Founder and President

ABPMP Panama Chapter

Coaching, Member OnBoarding, CBPA and CBPP certifications

Apr 2011Present

Partner & Managing Director

NSI Soluciones, S.A.

- Sales Management

- Marketing

- Account Management

- Portfolio Management

- Project Management


Accounts managed:

  • BNP
  • HSBC


Brands introduced to Panama and the region:

  • BI4Web
  • BonitaSoft
  • b-pack
  • BizFlow
  • Chatty Solutions
  • K2
  • Lincware
  • Metasonic
  • ProcessMaker
  • Statum Appia
  • Stone Bond
  • SWIFT JobTraQ
Jul 2014Dec 2014

Communications Provider


Social Media Marketing.

Oct 2012Jan 2014

Communications Provider

Franklin Covey

Social Media Management. Web and media assessment.

Jan 2009Apr 2011

Professional Services Director


- Key Account Management - Commercial Development - Resource & Project Management - Technical and Operational BPM macro alignment - Account Management - Sales - Managed accounts and/or projects: • Adams County • ALSCO • ARIFA • Aseguradora Ancón • AVIANCA • BAC Bank • Banco Alemán Platina (former) • Banco Central Dominicana • Banco Continental (former) • Banco Cuscatlán (former) • Banco General • Banco Nacional de Costa Rica • Banco Nacional de Panama • Banco Santander Chile • BANESCO • BANEX (former) • Banistmo (former) • Banvivienda • Barclays Bank Portugal • BGA Honduras (former) • BLADEX • BOEING • Cable and Wireless • Caixa Navarro España • Caja de Ahorros Panamá • CCE Puerto Rico • Celtic Insurances • Chevron • Citigroup • Comfama • Commerce Bank • Common Wealth of Massachusetts • Corporación Andina de Fomento (CAF) • DeVry • DGI Panama • DGII Rep. Dom. • DHL Singapur • Digicel • Econofinanzas • EDIOACC • Elektra Noreste • EPASA • Fennemore Craig • General Electric – GE Finance • Generali • Global Bank • Grupo Financiero Uno (former) • GyT Guatemala • HSBC Bank • Industrias la constancia – SAB Miller • MICASA Venezuela (former) • MICI de PANAMA • Milwaukee Area Technical College • Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas – MEF Panama • Multi Bank • Nanyang • National Bank of Abu Dhabi • Norfolk Southern Corp. • NV Energy • Prince William County • ProHealth • San Cristóbal Argentina • Sanofi Aventis • Sanofi-Aventis • Snacks Venezuela • Sucre Arias y Reyes • Telecarrier • Tower Bank • ViroPharma

Jan 2002Mar 2011

Communication Provider


Communication and BI for existing Alumni network in Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Argentina.

Jan 2004Jan 2009

Senior PS Manager


- Management of the LA Professional Service Team, including coaching, control,hr management - Project Management, including the structuring, execution and the project change management - Technical and Operational BPM macro alignment for engaged projects - Involved in Account Management, (Pre-)Sales

Oct 2003Sep 2004


Integra Group Corp.

•In charge of the creation, implementation, sales and management of e-commerce solutions for national and foreign customers. • Programming of key applications • Graphical Design and Brand Creation • Creation and implementation of workflows • Project Management

Sep 2002Oct 2002

Product Manager

Banco Continental

•In charge of the banks ATM and POS products, technologies, operations and devices •In charge of the Banks Corporate electronic banking application for foreign clients •Technology development, evaluation and implementation •Provider Management (Negotiations, Workflows, Quality Control) •Operational Management

Purchased by Banco General.

Feb 2002Sep 2002

Project Manager

Banco Aleman Platina

•In charge of the development of the Banks Web Portal •In charge of the development, programming and operation of the e-banking application •Project manager in charge of the implementation of the banks technological platform into the environment of Banco Continental de Panama during a merger process


Jan 2009Sep 2014


Universidad Latina

PhD in Economics and BA - focus on business process management.


Web Portal Creation


Jairo Hom

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

“Recomiendo a Kay por su alto grado de profesionalismo en la interpretación de una idea, haciéndola tangible mediante su desarrollo de procesos, seguimiento y control, priorizando siempre la imagen del cliente y su correcto posicionamiento. Un gran integrador de equipos de trabajo donde imprime energía creativa y certeza operativa. Altamente recomendable como ejecutivo pero sobre por su integridad personal.

Justo Torrente

“Kay is result driven; never lose the sight from the objective. One of the best negotiators I know.”

Chris Heivly

“Kay is an energetic and passionate services provider to clients around the globe. Counted on in the midst of any crisis, Kay is the consummate professional. He has a deft hand and is able to manage both inside and outside effectively.”

Stephen Woodard

“Kay possesses a unique set of skills that was a key factor in Ultimus's record growth in 2010. His project management skills and attention to detail, as well as the consistent on time delivery of projects is legendary within the Ultimus Customer Community and along with his team made many Fortune 50 customers extremely successful. This focus, combined with a eye towards providing customers with solutions and real value in the services he and his team provided is valued and continues to be key in the acquisition and retention of numerous customers and partners. Kay is a team oriented leader and contributor and works well across key functional areas along with sales, customer support, and customer advocacy. Finally, his keen sense of humor and wit is contagious! All around a he's a great person to work with, to have on the team, and is a key contributor to the organization. I would welcome the chance to work with him again."

Rick Thompson

“Kay is a rare person whose business knowledge and skills cross-over fluidly from the technical side to the business side, from strategic to operational, and from sales to professional service. In addition, Kay is extremely intelligent, very hard working and consistently delivers strong results. He has been a tremendous asset to Ultimus throughout his time in the Ultimus Latin American operations.”

Kevin Scanlon

“Kay is tireless in his pursuit for quality Professional Services at Ultimus. He has defined the roles and processes required to build and scale a world class customer support organization; leading one of the most successful PS regions within the company.”

Thorsten Knopf

Mr. Winkler is a very high educated intercultural professional, with excellent communication and teamwork abilities. His logical, analytical skills and problem solving capabilities make him a person I truly could recommend for any other company or institution.

Garth Knudson

From the first time I spoke with Kay I was immediately impressed. He completely understands what it takes to design, develop and implement tailored solutions. He is as much technology aware as people focused. I've enjoyed watching him help clients think through their needs and requirements so as to craft great user experiences. He is easy to like. He can tell stories in German, Spanish, English and most likely Portugues and Arabic too. If I was looking for help building process-driven solutions, I would go to Kay.

Rodrigo Graell

Kay always brought the conciliatory view of the situation, creating solutions and the 'professional edge' to the job. He had a clear view of his entire product line, and always was able to find the best way to apply it.


Major in Marketing

Stetson University

Major in Finance Management

Stetson University

Major and Specialization in PM

Stetson University
May 2011Present

Entry: Lean-Agile

Shojiki Solutions
May 2011Present

Entry: Kanban

Shojiki Solutions


Teaching and coaching

2015, I  ABPMP Panama Event 1.

2015, I  ABPMP Panama Event 2.

2015, I  BPM Coaching CINVESTAV

2014, I  BM Technology Event - FATCA, BPM and BRE.

2013, Annual Event Capital Financiero - FATCA Introduction.

2012, UDI, New BPM tendencies.

2011, Seven Steps for successful BPM Implementations, Webinar, worldwide.

2010, XVI Congreso, Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá, Innovando los Procesos de negocios Usando mejores  Practicas más Tecnología de la Información, BPM y SOA.

2010, BPM y ERP, Price Waterhouse & Coopers - Ultimus, Panamá.

2009, Panamá – Universidad Interamericana – Diplomado de Project Management.

2008, Panamá - Ultimus Partner University – Experiencia en Proyectos en Latinoamérica / Adaptación de Metodologías a nuestros Mercados.

2007, Panamá – Universidad del Istmo – Diplomado BPM 12007, Panamá – Universidad del Istmo – Diplomado BPM 22007, Panamá – ULACIT – Inducción a  BPM

2007, Panamá, Louisville  University, Introduction to BPM.

2006, Costa Rica – Club Unión (Msft BPM Convention) – Metodología de Implementación BPM (Dirigida a CEO’s / CIO’s).

2005, Panamá – Andar Panamá – Estructuración Operativa de la Empresa.


Foco laboral durante de los últimos 10 años para el desarrollo y la implementación de soluciones de:

  • Automatizaciones de la banca de consumo (en más de 50 bancos de la región): Préstamos hipotecarios, autos, personales y tarjetas de crédito.
  • Automatizaciones de la banca corporativa: Cartas de crédito, líneas de crédito, inversiones, construcción y export financing.
  • Automatización de la gestión comercial de seguros (pólizas y reclamos).
  • Automatización de la gestión administrativa (procurement, correspondencia, RRHH).

Ambientes de trabajo multinacionales, cubriendo arquitecturas:

  • Core's bancarios
  • Mainframe/AS400
  • Microsoft/Oracle
  • SOA (ejemplo MQ Series)
  • ERP's
  • CRM's
  • ECM's
  • BPM's
  • Portals


- practical management methodologies - philosophy - science, technology, politics and fiction


Strategic operational and business planning, organizational and technical structuring of solutions, including its implementation and management. Taking advantage of innovative technologies as well as best practices of human resource-, financial-, marketing- and project management.