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A highly competent worker who will always put work ethics and customer satisfaction before anything else. Worked in a store with a lot of training and is an experienced learner. Know how to run everything from a register to a blender, and will be able to learn very quickly about anything that is taught,

Work experience

May 2014Jul 2015

Shift Supervisor


Subway trains to make their employees well rounded ones. The job taught me how to clean everything from bathrooms to floors and freezers. It made me learn how to rush myself in a fast paced environment without over doing it, while serving customers efficiently and satisfactorily. I was able to hone my memorization skills because of the multitude of recipes in at the store. I can run a register and count change with ease. 



I will always be able to find more efficient ways to do everything around my workplace. While I will always be doing work, I can do more work if I get what is needed to be done out of the way. Extra work loads are a reality and therefore efficiency is key to getting everything done on time. I can do that with ease.


I do not get easily distracted when I am doing a task that requires my attention. I will always be doing my work and I will not get distracted by work gossip or any sort of dysfunction around me. I will always be able to handle any abnormal situations calmly and quickly, making sure that everything is taken care of. 

Mental Math

I can do anything from basic math to algebra in my head, so there is no question that I can count the customers change or do cash drops or even do inventory without messing up. I am efficient with my counting and I can get customers through lines faster if minutes aren't wasted giving change back. 

Self Improvement

I am the first to admit that I am not perfect, but I am always in the process of bettering myself and making myself the best that I can be at whatever I happen to be doing. There is no good enough and there never will be. The ability to self improve is something that not many have, so I am able to continuously better myself at whatever job I am doing. Whatever you see at the moment will not be my best the following day.


I am quite good at memorizing recipes and other information that I would need to pick up for any job. I catch on very quickly and will ask very few times how to do something once it has been initially taught to me. 

Customer Service

I have been told by my former boss and co-workers that I am the friendliest person they know, and they have seen how I serve customers and the way I am naturally kind to them. I see customers as people and I will always treat them with dignity, respect, and kindness. 

Cleaning/ Dish Washing

I can clean a floor or dishes until they shine, while doing it in only a short amount of time. I have a need for cleanliness and therefore I am constantly picking up and making sure my work space is above adequate in cleanliness. 


Aug 2013May 2016

Current High School Student

Olathe North High School
Aug 2012May 2013

High School Student

Baldwin High School