Kaylin Stella Greene

Kaylin Stella Greene

The Copywriter's Ghostwriter

San Francisco Bay Area

Viking of the Creative Realms

While my copywriters bask in their clients’ adoring gaze, I work quietly behind the scenes, helping them do their best work. Ad agency creatives, writers in corporate gigs, freelance folks, whatever – I help them like their jobs again. 

Things I do for my copywriters once the iron-clad NDAs are signed:

Write copy that nestles in seamlessly with theirs, so the big To Do List shrinks, and there’s less fretting about the vile tasks that drive one to drink. Fewer Xanax needed and alcohol becomes fun again.

Create in-depth research documents to kick start their creative process, jumping them right into the work they like best. They take full credit for these works of beauty with my blessing.

Brainstorm ideas whenever their fizz goes flat, revitalizing the creative juices and helping distill cocktail napkin notes into ad agency gold. Or whatever kind of gold you’re into.

Edit/proofread decks before they go to the client. Another minor lawsuit avoided. Hooray! I’ll even review those rounds of layouts and mechanicals they hate. My OCD lives to serve.

Serve up tasty stock images that complement the copy and never look shoddy. Knickers in a bunch over a photo shoot? One of my writers sent me to a shoot in his stead to make sure his key ideas were visually represented, while he stayed home to unlock achievements in Warcraft.

Conduct interviews of subject matter experts and other upstanding citizens. Many writers find this tedious but I like the window-into-someone's-world feel of it.

Refining/testing site diagrams and user flows, so people coming to the client’s site don’t feel that they’ve arrived at the Eye of Sauron. Content drives site dev work, and writers need help sorting that shit out.

Debating what matters, like Oxford commas, typographical hierarchies, or Archer's best one liner. I have a perverse talent for playing Devil’s Advocate, and have been known to act as Copywriter’s Lackey when clients visit (but that sort of puffery costs double).

Perhaps the most vital service I provide? Asking, “Did you bury the lead, luv?” Well, that and NEVER EVER admitting that I worked on their projects.

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Chris Moriarty   |   Nikola Tesla  |  Tom & David Kelley   |   Akira Miyawaki   |   Buckminster Fuller  |   Zora Neale Hurston   |   Hayao Miyazaki   |   Madam C.J. Walker  |  Bruce Lee  |   Ching Shih   |   Phillip K. Dick   |   Temple Grandin   |  Richard Ayoade   |   Douglas Adams   |   Catherynne Valente   |   Hypatia   |   Robert Sutton   |   Richard Branson   |   Jean Bartik   |   Elon Musk   |   George Bernard Shaw   |   Carl Jung   |   George Washington Carver  |  Muhhamad Yunus   |   Nick Negroponte  |   Charles Babbage   |   Richard K. Morgan   |   Aisha Taylor   |   Timothy Ferris   |  Bernie Segal  |  Ada Lovelace  |  Chip & Dan Heath  |  Louis C.K.   |   Albert Einstein   |   Stephen Ritz   |   Junko Mizuno   |   Ron Finley   |   Oddball kids with big ideas who refuse to think like they are told


APPLY CREATIVE THINKING TO EVERYDAY PROJECTS, re-evaluating them rather than doing things the same old way. Question everything and never stop making things better, even when confronted by fierce resistance from the old guard. It ain't easy but it is worth it because quality, design, and beauty matter. Tesla, Buckminster Fuller, and the folks at OXO can teach us a lot on this score.

IMPROVE USER EXPERIENCE by truly thinking things through from the customer's perspective (not yours), understanding their needs and desires through unusual research and analysis, then designing and re-designing accordingly. Assume nothing. Ideo has it right on this one. And those websites that you love so much because they work perfectly every time and you can always find what you are looking for in just a couple of clicks? They are doing it right too. God bless them, every one.

BECOME A GENERALIST, foraging far and wide for interesting news and developments, constantly learning about the magnificent accomplishments of all sorts of people around the world, in all different fields. The well-rounded perspective that you'll soon develop will serve you well as you tackle thorny problems big and small, and will make you more compassionate and interesting to talk to at cocktail parties. George Bernard Shaw was proud to be a Generalist and so am I.

BE A VIKING. Never settle for good enough. Stop giving in to the easier choice of mediocrity. Be willing to agitate in order to create something better. I am proud to be a viking in these realms, but be warned -- I will irritate you to no end if you seek to perpetuate crappy design, shoddy writing, idiotic site design, and the publishing of error-ridden copy. Them's fightin' words, son.

Quirks of The Stells

I flew airplanes when I was 16. Have a deep love of archery, reading way too many books at once, and researching endless topics just for fun. Always a fan of Japanese pop culture and arts ‘n’ crafts of all sorts. I say things like leading, kerning, and typographical hierarchy, and mean it. I dream of attending Comi-Con with a phalanx of Stormtroopers. (Dear Gods of the Nerderati, let it be so.)

Work History

Work History

Copywriters' Ghostwriter

Double Secret Contract Work
Jun 2013 - Present

I do the sort of work one shouldn't admit to in uptight company, yet people keep asking for my card and hiring me on the sly. Go figure. Lurid details above.

Channel Marketing Manager (Commercial & Industrial Customers)

Aug 2010 - May 2013

Managed the creative process from start to finish for digital and traditional B2B campaigns. Included integrated project management, copywriting, creative direction, arranging/monitoring shoots, editing/proofreading, hiring/managing creative teams, brand management, and process improvements.

Creative Project Manager

watchLAB Studios
Jun 2008 - Feb 2010

Managed all creative work associated with the launch of this focus group facility firm’s new corporate identity (formerly known as Greenberg Studios), including development of a new name/logo, creation of a new web site, HTML email templates, revision of all print collateral and signage, the re-design of all internal and client-facing forms, and the planning and managing of B2B promotional events.

Senior Traffic Manager & PM

Charles Schwab
Jan 2007 - Jan 2008

Working within Schwab's internal creative services agency, I coordinated the development and production of print work, direct mail, signage, POS/POP, packaging, vehicle wraps, and outdoor work. Interactive projects varied from HTML emails to complex site builds. Projects involved managing multi-platform teams (ADs, CWs, developers, user experience architects/IAs, SMEs, production artists, etc.), wearing the hat of brand steward, acting as my creatives' keeper so they had the space and time to do good work, and maintaining stellar project histories (especially vital in the financial services realm).

Traffic Manager & Project Manager

McCann Worldgroup
Jan 2000 - Jan 2007

Handled the development and production of US/int'l campaigns (print, outdoor, interactive), including supplying creative assets to partner agencies in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Teamed with designers to create brand/campaign guides to ensure that our global studios executed all campaigns consistently across multiple platforms and continents. Acted as liaison between the agency’s core groups, ensuring that each everybody’s needs were met and that collaboration happened throughout the project lifecycle. Worked with studio, dev and production groups to manage resources and to develop/implement more streamlined workflows. Had a reputation for doing well with our more difficult internal clients, and was never scared to be Miss Bossy Pants to get the work done, and done well. Developed file naming conventions and server structure for tracking/documenting job rounds and assets, and worked with Traffic group to maintain stellar, SOX-proof job dockets. Kept a level head and a sense of humor in a high-pressure, deadline-driven environment.

Assistant Project Manager

Kaiser Permanente Regional Offices
Jan 1998 - Jan 2000

Managed production of print and collateral materials, developed schedules, conducted weekly status meetings, and made sure that all projects were completed on time. Also worked with Utilization Management team to prepare extensive government compliance materials so that Kaiser’s Bay Area hospitals passed their yearly government licensing reviews. 

Inside Sales Manager

East Bay Express Newspaper
Jan 1992 - Jan 1997

Hired as Classified Ad Rep, eventually managed Inside Sales (5 direct reports), and acted as primary liaison between production, editorial, and outside sales. Handled diverse account base that included all major Bay Area clubs, and music venues. Developed and coordinated screenings/promotions with movie studio partners. Developed workflow processes to streamline the newspaper/production life cycle, and developed training manuals for onboarding.



Bachelor's Degree, Fine Art

Mills College

Graduated with honors. Mom cried.