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Work experience

Baby Sitter

My Aunt

Whenever need be, I would watch my aunts two toddlers for $10 an hour.

Education: Valhalla High School

Sep 2012Jun 2016

Valhalla High School

1725 Hillsdale Rd

El Cajon, CA


Rank In Class: 146 of 474

GPA: 3.500

SAT Score:

Class Schedule:

9th Grade:                    10th Grade:                    11th Grade:

1-Intermed Dance       1-Chemistry 1-2C         1-PreCalMath1C1

2-Hum1 Geo 1H            2-Advanced Dance     2-AP US Hist 1-2

3-PI&S Geo 1-2C           3-Algebra IIC                  3-Advanced Dance

4-Biology 1C                  4-Hum 1/Lit 1-2H          4-Spanish 3-4C

5-Hum 1/Eng 1-2H      5-Spanish 1-2C              5- Eng Lang 1-2 AP

6-Phys Educ 9th           6-AP World Hist 1-2     6-Physiology 1-2C

12th Grade:

1-Gov/Econ 1-2C

2-Eng Lit 1-2AP

3-Physics 1-2C

4-Statistics 1-2AP

5-Advanced Dance

Summary About Myself

   As of now, I plan on going to a four year university, and from there, go onto medical school and peruse my goal of being either a Pediatric Surgeon or an Emergency Medicine doctor. I am interested in this career field because my father is a doctor as well and seeing the thrill he gets out of saving a life makes me motivated to be able to experience the same kind of thrill. It is also interesting to me how the human body works how to cure it. I am also great with children and very interested in working with them, so pediatrics would be a great area for me because I would be able to help save the lives of young children. Three of the several colleges I plan on applying to are San Diego State University, University of Santa Barbara, and University of Boulder. I pick these places because some are close to home and the other would give me a fresh, new start somewhere else.