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I take my own photos when i want to take them. I take photos of pretty much anything.
I've taken a full year of Ceramics. First part was creating with hands only and the second part was the potters wheel. I have some of my art is the side bar: My Personal Life.
Journalistic Writing
In journalism class I learned the basics of great journalistic writing, and then in Talisman I learned how to write even better. I've learned how to create professional and interesting headlines and how to write quote attributes.
I've learned better interviewing skills like better questions and who to interview for the best information and creative views.
I've learned how to create and design a page, design a graphic, and how to make a page look professional.
I've learned how to use Photoshop to enhance photos. I now know how to do cut outs, make graphics, and make photos black and white with correct levels.

My Best Work

What I Fight For The Most

Personal Improvement

Now that i have mastered one story per issue i will like to take on more work. I want to make more graphics and harder stories. I want to improve the writing of those stories and just overall be a better journalist. 

The number one thing I want to improve on is my interviews. I have already learned the best questions to ask I just want to ask better people.

My Job (Community)

Other than going to school I dont do a lot of stuff inside school. When I get home if I work I rush into my McDonalds uniform and go to work then come home do homework then sleep. Other than school and work my life consist of spending time with my family and friends. Also whenever I get the chance my boyfriend when he drives from Cleveland. 

My Highlight

To be honest I don’t have a single favorite moment. My favorite part of talisman is the friendliness of everyone and the relaxed attitude. I never leave Talisman without laughing. If I had to choose then I would choose the summer workshop. Meeting everyone and getting to know each other was amazing. I will always remember the practice photo shoot in the gym when we did musical chairs. A bunch of crazy teens playing musical got a little crazy. I wish I took journalism earlier so I could have been on Talisman another year, but I guess I’ll just have to enjoy the time I have. 

Staff Improvement

One- We should get the students more involved. I hear many students giving suggestions on what we should put in next issue. We should have a recommendation paper that we give out with the papers or we put in a recommendation area in the newspaper that they can cut out and give to us. We are a newspaper mostly for the students so we need to appeal to the students.

Two-We need more creative and complex layouts. Last year I remember double page center layouts that came together in the middle. It’s harder to do but is very appealing to the reader. Maybe even do our V.S. one on each page. There are many ideas we can do, we just have to think of ways to do it.

Three-We need to fix our editing techniques. First off we need the stories on time, but I feel we should have more than one copy editor so Alex and the other person can split the work. We also should think about sitting next to each other when editing pieces because many times the comments are confusing and it seems a lot easier if the person give you verbal feedback. 

Personal Initiative

This semester I stayed close to my comfort zone, but tried to slowly get farther and farther away from it. My latest article I interviewed Mrs. Gillis whom asked for me to send her the questions over the email which made it a little less intimidating. I hope next semester I can get interviews with people higher up and actually get a face to face interview with them. My first story about teachers using technology was more of a news article where I usually would have chosen a feature or opinion article. Sometimes I feel with the news articles I don’t do as well because sometimes when I’m not supposed to I put in my own voice. Then when I have to put in my own voice I have to get something I actually care about for people to hear it. In the end I thought teaching with technology was a good news article compared to stuff I’ve written in journalism. I also tried to come in a lot in the beginning which died out toward the end because it made me mad that I was finishing other peoples pages. I hope I can come in more when im not working. Overall, I didn’t really move too far away from my comfort zone so I hope next semester I do. 

Work experience

Nov 2012Present

Crew Member


I do everything except grill (so far).

Aug 2012Present

Staff Writer

Talisman (student newspaper)

I write stories, design graphics, design pages, and interview.

Jan 2011Present


Arthur Place

I only go when I'm needed. I clean up trash, organize papers, and help the seniors with pretty much anything I can.