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Work experience

Lawn mowing

 Self- Employed

I had to be a hard worker and have lots of persistence, and I also had to know what I was doing. 


 Self- employed

I had to be able to work well with adults and children of all ages and be responsible when unsupervised. 



Genoa-Kingston High School

Expected graduation: 2019



I am able to understand what i am told to do the first time which saves a lot of valuable time in the office.

People skills

I am very skilled at working with and communicating with people of all ages, which will be useful in dealing with patients and fellow coworkers. 

Work well under pressure

I am able to work very well under pressured situation and will perform my duty to the best of my ability even under intense circumstances.


I am able to communicate skillfully and efficiently with patients and doctors alike, which will always be useful in the work place.


I am very organized which will be helpful when faced with stressful situations because I know where everything is which will reduce panic.