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Work experience

Mar 1988Apr 1992



In a shop, a cashier (or checkout operator) is a person who scans the goods through a cash register that the customer wishes to purchase at the retail store.


Sep 2012Jun 2014

Bachelors of Family and Children Counciling

Southern Nazarene University

Family counselors use therapeutic techniques to assist couples, families and individuals who have a variety of interpersonal or mental health issues. The focus of family counseling is to improve communication, manage stress and modify behavior. Individuals who choose to specialize in family counseling must typically possess a graduate degree.

A bachelor's degree in counseling offers a strong foundation for those who also wish to pursue an advanced education in family therapy or counseling. Such undergraduate education is designed to prepare students to provide therapeutic services to patients in individual or group settings. Students might learn to analyze psychological conditions and discern treatment options.



Cleet Certification 

State of Oklahoma
The Law Enforcement Professionals' Certification Program was developed to give recognition for achievement in the field of law enforcement. Under the Law Enforcement Professionals' Certification Program, two additional certifications, beyond the level of basic law enforcement certification, may be awarded. Intermediate or Advanced Certification may be awarded to paid, full-time, sworn law enforcement officers who possess powers of arrest and who are employed by units of state and local government. To be eligible for either the intermediate or advanced certification, the following qualifying conditions must be met: Must currently hold law enforcement basic academy certification which has been issued by CLEET. No one serving under a probationary certification status shall be eligible, Must be a paid, full-time, sworn member of a state or local law enforcement agency within the State of Oklahoma, Must subscribe to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.


I have a strong work ethic, I have worked a variety of jobs in different categories.  I keep a positive attitude by smiling, being nice, and showing that  I like my job. 

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Brian Jones/ Manager  

Brian Jones was my manger at target for the years I worked at.

Sharon Harrison/ Warden

Sharon Harrison is my boss and warden of the prison I currently work at.