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Dear Reader,

My name is Kayleigh Hand, and thank you for taking time to viewing my digital portfolio. On here you will find works and accomplishments that I’ve taken place in over this last year in my virtual enterprise class and class work from the past two years. You will also find my resume and cover letter. This digital portfolio has been made for my future employers and as an informative site about me.

I am the vice president of Human Resources in the 2011 Virtual Enterprise class at Mission Viejo High School. I am a 17 year-old senior graduating from Mission Viejo High school this spring. I am determined and hard working student and plan to keep my work ethics in the future.

I hope after looking around my digital portfolio you would be able to like me to be apart of your company. If you have question, feel free to email me with you concerns. I hope to hear for you from you soon! 


Kayleigh Hand

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