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Aug 2009May 2015

Child Development

California State University, Chico

This degree focuses on the intellectual, social, emotional, and biological development of children as well as the planning and design of related human services. Includes instruction in parent-child relations; parenting practices; special needs of children; parental and environmental influences on child development; external support services; and related public policy issues, and developmentally appropriate practices. 


Jan 2015May 2015

Northern Valley Catholic Social Services

Court appointed special advocate
  • Became a voice to the child who are lost within the foster care system. Scheduled the in-service continuing education program. Completed 35 hours of training that highlights the skills needed to be a special advocate for foster children, while obtaining certification of mandated reporting.
Aug 2014Dec 2014

Chico State University Student Development Lab

Supervised Practicum
  • Assessed children ages 2-3 on the developmentally appropriate practices from the Desired Results Developmental Profile instrument. Compiled evidence in the form of observation notes, and as photographs documenting the practices. Coordinated with a team to ensure the well-being of the children and best developmental results.
Jan 2014May 2014

Butte County Office of Education

Supervised Fieldwork
  • Developed and implemented developmentally appropriate curriculum for children ages 3-5 years old.

Experience with Children, Family, & Programs

  • Supported children ages 2 weeks to 13 years old in developmentally appropriate activities. (Summer 2010- present)
  • Oversaw parent teacher conferences highlighting children’s strengths and areas of improvement. (Fall 2014)
  • Initiated creative expression & fine motor skills by leading developmentally appropriate activities. (Spring- Fall 2014)

Critical Coursework

Prenatal, Infant Development (Spring 2012):

          I am knowledgeable in the development of the infant from the pregnancy stage to those first precious years. The class highlights the typical as well as atypical development through the four domains of development: cognitive, physical, social and emotional. Working with an infant is much different that working with a toddler or a 5 year-old; this class exhibits different approaches to support and guide the infant.


Staff and Family Relations (Spring 2013):

          I understand the relevance of diversity in our community and the importance of portraying cultural differences in a positive way. I understand the cultural perspectives to develop cross cultural competence in working with staff families and children. I can critically evaluate the components of parent education, involvement, approaches to parenting, and developmental contexts that influence families and children.


  • Lena Diamond (manager)
    • 50 Canary Ct. Oroville Ca, 95966
      • 1(530) 355-9294
  • Geneva Jobe (CASA supervisor)
    • 10 Independent Circle, Chico Ca, 95973
      • 1(530) 345-1600
  • Mary Awa (co-worker)
    • 1(530) 415-0746

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