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 My desire comes from the responsibility to drive, inspire, and make things happen.Together with the managerial skills highly necessary in a dynamic and ever changing environment,i aspire to be an agent of change in my country Kenya and Africa as a whole.

Work experience

Marketing and Communications Department

Consolidated Bank of Kenya Limited

- Coordination of marketing activities both at branch and head office level.- Carrying out market research to assess demand, brand positioning of the bank’s products.- Monitor and report, weekly on new developments that affect the banking industry.- Preparing and giving comprehensive reports on the bank’s product-success and failures.- Monitoring competitors’ activity and giving weekly reports.- Monitoring the banks various products.- Privileged to attend the products committee and also assisted in the preparation of the competitor analysis for the bank’s Strategic Development Team.

Aug 2009Present

Marketing and Events Manager

Bubble Nest International

-Identifying, developing and evaluating the company's marketing strategy, market characteristics, and cost and markup factors.- Coming up with concepts and marketing proposals for existing and new clients.- Analyzing new marketing trends and avenues for Business Development.- Evaluating the financial aspects of product development, such as budgets, expenditures, research and    development appropriations, and return-on-investment and profit-loss projections.- Coming up with Events plans, Implementation and execution strategies.

Apr 2008Aug 2009

Business Development Department

Consolidated Bank Of Kenya Limited

- Assisting the Sales Coordinator in monitoring the performance of the bank DSRs through the bank’s branch network.- Contributing to the department’s overall goal by prospecting new customers and making call reports, so as to grow the bank’s deposit and customer base.- Coordination of the department’s new projects such as the Safaricom IPO, by making sure the workflow and documentation was in accordance with department’s laid down procedures.




Kenyatta University