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Kausar Mohammad Tarique

Psychology Lecturer/ Clinical Psychology


A Master degree holder looking for an opportunity to work in an academic setting. My aptitude for teaching and love for psychology motivates me to pursue life long career in teaching psychology.  I am eager for a teaching opportunity where I can share same interest with those who will encourage my intellectual development. I will consciously guide my teaching with specific principles to make my practice effective and fruitful.

Work experience

July 2014November 2016

Assistant Professor of Psychology

MCE Society's Abeda Inamdar Senior College, Pune (India)

Key responsibilities :

  • Taught Psychology to undergraduate students using lecture method and other audio-visual teaching aids.
  • Demonstrated and explained psychometric testing procedure for different psychological tests, 
  • Supervised and monitored laboratory activities 
  • Provided special guidance in the field of social and clinical psychology 
  • Motivated students to take initiatives to serve in non-profit organizations 
  • Organized debates, group discussion and classroom presentations to develop personal skills and encourage team work 
  • Designed remedial teaching classes to meet the needs of slow learners
  • Encouraged students in application based learning 
  • Obtained instructional materials such as text books, reference books and library material
  • Regularly participated in professional development activities, departmental and college meetings
  • Organized extra-curricular activities, field trips, and psychology theme based festivals
  • Performed assigned administrative activities based on requirements
August 2015November 2016

Psychology Professor

M.A Rangoonwala College of Physiotherapy, Pune (India)

Key responsibilities :

  • Delivered psychology lectures to students of 2nd year Bachelor of physiotherapy (B. P. Th.)
  • Organized lectures, seminars and tutorials, developing and implementing new methods of teaching to reflect changes in research;
  • Assisted students to prepare for university examination.
  • Designed and prepared internal examination papers and assessed them according to the guidelines provided.
  • Maintained students attendance records and assessment documents.
August 2013 April 2014

Psychology Teacher

MCE Society's Abeda Inamdar Junior College, Pune (India)

Key responsibilities :

  • Conducted introductory psychology lessons for students of grade 11th and 12th opting for Psychology subject in Maharashtra higher secondary education board Examination. Employed variety of instructional techniques and instructional media
  • Structured classes and curriculum to correspond with completion of syllabus.
  • Convened classes as scheduled and respond to student inquiries.
  • Prepared and distributed instructional support materials such as notes, hand-outs and other supplementary materials.
  • Promoted self learning and counselling individual student
  • Attended in-service sessions, parent-teacher meetings, department meetings and in-campus activities.
  • Prepared evaluation programs, grading and assessing student learning throughout the year.
  • Arranged events and programs to Provide ground for cognitive and intellectual development.
November 2015November 2017

Writer and Translator

  • Ghost writing of psychology based E-books (English Language)
  • Article writing (general as well as academic articles).
  • Developing of psychological assessment questionnaire. 
  • Providing online counselling through skype.
April 2009November 2011

English Language Instructor

MCE Society's - Anglo Urdu Girls High School ( Est 1920 )- Pune (India)

Key responsibilities:

  • Teaching spoken English language to Urdu speaking students.
  • Plan, organize and prepare verbal and written instructions in native language.
  • Preparing lesson plans and activities to facilitate monolingual as well as multi-lingual dictionary usage. 
  • Providing assistance to the skills required to fortify their base in grammar. 
  • Organizing classroom activities to develop communication skills 
  • Preparing plans, teaching materials and assessment tools. 
  • Organizing soft skills developmental programs, guest lectures and literature festival. 
Dec 2012May 2013


Chaitanya Mental health Care Center - Pune  (India) 

Key responsibilities:

  • Interviewing clients and observe them during the session in Clinical setup
  • Assisting coworkers in interacting with clients
  • Preparing and editing case reports
  • Preparing case history
  • Studying the cases and making possible diagnosis and treatment interventions