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Currently seeking to expand my experience in the different areas of International Business, focusing on Trading, Procurement and Markets. Particularly interested in developing my commercial and international relations skills, as I am an active person eager to work in a team and with the ability to be a leader, and who handles different languages as well as different cultures. I have a holistic vision of the world and want to contribute to any enterprise seeking to expand its markets.

Work experience

Director of International Relations (Internship)

Colombian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce

The Colombian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce is a private enterprise focusing on creating lasting bonds between Colombia and China, especially in the private sector. The enterprise is trying to convey to good negotiations terms for both Chinese and Colombian entrepreneurs.

Coordinate projects related to bilateral relations between Colombia and China, Organize Colombian business groups traveling to China, Manage public relations with the representatives of Chinese and Colombian government in China.

Procurement and Imports Analyst

Familia Sancela S.A.

Familia Sancela S.A. is a large Colombian company 50% owned by the Swedish multinational SCA. It is focused on manufacturing personal care products in three business lines: feminine protection, incontinence and baby.

Between my main responsibilities were to manage, organize and analyze all information regarding raw materials prices, tendencies and forecasts. Give support to the Procurement department and Imports department by provinding the information needed for decision making. Interaction with some of the suppliers to improve processes and delivery times.


International Negotiator

EAFIT University

General negotiation skills, International economics, Cross-cultural negotiation, Economic politics,Finance (Bonds market, Equity market, Futures and Options market, Corporate finance and legal structure, Financial simulation).

Finance Specialist

EAFIT University

Bonds market, Equity market, Futures and Options market, Corporate finance and legal structure, Financial simulation, International Accounting, Financial Analysis, Financial Strategies.