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Work experience

Contract Technical Writer

ShawnTech Communications

Created bid specification for secure communications and mobile device interdiction system. Key accomplishments include:

  • Transformed sales presentation and engineer-created documentation into a bid specification in four weeks

Technical Writer III


Created procedure documentation for mortgage servicing division. Key accomplishments include:

  • Created concise procedure documentation for processes of varying levels of complexity by interviewing and observing the subject matter experts

Contract Technical Writer

Cold Jet

Created reference materials for state-of-the-art dry ice production equipment.Key accomplishments include:

  • Transformed engineer-created documentation into an operator manual in three weeks
  • Implemented an enterprise authoring solution that allowed reuse of content across documents, ensuring consistency while reducing development effort and cost

Contract Instructional Designer

S2 Learning

Created traditional classroom training for a human capital corporation that introduced new employees to the company’s policies and procedures.Key accomplishments include:

  • Created PowerPoint, Instructor Guide and Participant Guide templates to improve consistency in training delivery
  • Edited materials for a one week, 20 session traditional classroom course to add new content and ensure consistency in training delivery
  • Implemented PowerPoint handouts as part of the Participant Guide to ensure consistency and reduce development effort and cost

Technical Writer and Trainer

Gasper Corporation

Created materials and conducted training courses for market-leading ATM management solution that taught customers how to manage a self-service network with an innovative, automated approach.Key accomplishments include:

  • Designed, wrote and updated a 2,000 page user guide and associated material for a suite of applications for multiple software releases a year
  • Developed a corporate style guide to increase the consistency and productivity of three technical writers
  • Conducted basic and advanced training for 6-24 students ranging in experience from novice to advanced user

Training Manager

Gasper, a Subsidiary of NCR

Created courses that taught customers how to use market-leading ATM management solution to achieve high levels of network availability, increase help desk efficiency and lower service costs. Key accomplishments include:

  • Managed development, publication and maintenance of 12+ basic to advancedcourses, training room and facilities and in-house training schedule for 36+ courses per year
  • Establishing a process to produce custom-development proposals including design, review, distribution and tracking
  • Coordinated content fortwo annual user group conferences including content, speakers and post-conference training

Project Management Consultant

Vocalink Language Services

Created project management materials to ensure consistent delivery of translation services.Key accomplishments include:

  • Developed project management policies and procedures to ensure consistent, high quality delivery of translation services, increased project coordinator productivity and increased profit margin
  • Created project plans and project documentation for NCR’s multi-language, website translation project

Project Management Consultant

InitialPoint, LLC

Created materials that helped customers bring unique IT products to the marketplace.Key accomplishments include:

  • Facilitated the definition of sales process for a managed technology solution for the K-12 marketplace
  • Created policies and procedures for product implementation that reduced time to implementation andincreased customer satisfaction

Consulting Technical Writer

PQ Systems Inc.

Edited user manuals and help files for statistical process control, measurement systems analysisand gage calibration management software to ensure that customers met ISO and other standards, pursued Six Sigma efforts and improved quality.Key accomplishments include:

  • Implemented an enterprise authoring solution that allowed reuse of content across projects and reduced development time from months to days
  • Integrated content for product enhancements and published final documents in less than a week

Consulting Technical Writer


Created traditional classroom and eLearning training that helped K-12 educators enhance student learning.Key accomplishments include:

  • Developed two eLearning courses and 20+ traditional courses for K-12 educators on topics ranging from podcasting to Outlook and Interactive Whiteboards to Advanced Excel 2007
  • Adopted an enterprise authoring solution that allowed creation of content in various formats, ensured consistency and reduced development effort and cost
  • Coordinated two summer training schedules for 12+ school districts and conducted training courses for employees and K-12 educators

Technical Communications Manager

Health Plus Technologies

Created materials that taught customers how to look at healthcare analytics in a new way by teaching them how to use innovative, analytic software.  Key accomplishments include: 

  • Transformed engineer-created documentation into a user manual, help file, job aids, how-to documents and implementation process documents in three months
  • Created a web-based video that reduced time to implementation, decreased training time by one day and increased customer satisfaction
  • Implemented an enterprise authoring solution in two months that allowed reuse of content across documents ensuring consistency while reducing development effort and cost



Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft Expression Web
Microsoft Expression Web is a  WYSIWYG HTML editor and general web design program.
Microsoft Digital Image Editor
Microsoft Digital Image Editor is a photo editing program.
Adobe Presenter
Adobe Presenter is software used to create professional Flash presentations and self-paced courses complete with narration and interactivity.
Adobe Captivate
Adobe Captivate is elearning software used to create software demonstrations, software simulations, branched scenarios and randomized quizzes that can be uploaded to video hosting websites.
Adobe Acrobat
Author-it is an Enterprise Authoring Platform and Content Management System that is intended to be used by anyone responsible for creating, maintaining, and distributing content.  The foundation of Author-it resides in its ability to single-source content, eliminating redundancy and streamlining content.
Microsoft Office
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Access, and Project

My LinkedIn Profile

Analytic Tactics

Precidiem FAQs

Understanding Rate Schedules

Introduction to Office 2007

Issue Tracking System Training


  • Instinctive ability to find clarity in chaos, organize disruption and create content that explains complex concepts to inexpert audiences
  • Extensive insight into the development cycle and ability to create communications that help solve business problems
  • Adept at educating across multiple disciplines:from sales to technical content, from executives to end users, from soft-skills to technology training, and from instructor-led to eLearning courses
  • Goal oriented, works efficiently, either independently or on a team with minimal supervision, never missing a deadline

Work Samples

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Professional Affiliations


“Katie has written several operator manuals for Cold Jet. She was very much professional, prompt, and a good listener. She knew when to ask questions and when to listen. When the project was completed, she understood the process as well and anyone working on the system. 

I look forward to working with Katie again on the next project.”

Paul Hinkel, Controls Engineer at Cold Jet

“Katie has worked with our company for years with great results. Hence we always contact Katie first when we need outside assistance.”

Matt Savage, Project Manager at PQ Systems

“Katie did an exceptional job on our recent projects. She is a result driven professional with the ability to analyze and summarize information. Katie is highly motivated, intelligent, open minded, and can successfully work from a distance.  While Katie had done technical writing and multi-media work for VARtek prior to my coming on board with VARtek, she made my transition into my position insofar as providing updated technical documentation very easy. Katie was always well-organized and responsive to our organization's changing needs.  I would highly recommend her to anyone”

Mark Kunkel, Technology Services Director at VARtek

“Katie worked for my company for three years. In that time, her work was technically superb. Katie consistently makes a difference, learns continuously, contributes to the team, and is just a great person to work with.”

Gary Nissen, President of Health Plus Technologies

“Katie's writing style for our technical support materials is impeccable. She's able to translate complex functions in a way that anyone can follow. She is also a joy to work with, bringing an upbeat and positive attitude into the workplace. I would highly recommend her for any team!”

Kara Heid, Client Relationship Manager at Health Plus Technologies

“While working directly with Katie on creating training materials, it was obvious to me that she was highly knowledgeable in various learning styles and how to write professional content. Although the voice I created for the training materials was more casual than what Katie was accustomed to in her documentation writing, she adapted very well and was even able to take the lead on later projects.  Katie’s eagerness to get the job done right, and ability to contribute thoughtful insight to our collaborations made working with her a very coveted experience.”

Holly Romano, Branding and Communications Manger at Health Plus Technologies

“Tech writing is a tough. Katie is top-notch in understanding and explaining new age software. I worked with her for several years and she's quick to pick up ideas and is great at putting them down in writing and training others on concepts. She is a great asset and is committed to her work.”

Jim Lail, Senior Software Engineer at NCR and Gasper Corporation

“Katie is a conscientious employee who meets deadlines, often exceeds expectations, and always delivers quality work. She is very organized and can work independently or as a member of a team with equal ease.  One thing in particular that I like about Katie's work style is that she is willing to ask questions to ensure that expectations are clarified and goals are understood. She has an excellent understanding of project management techniques and how her work fits into the big picture goals of the company.  I both supervised and worked alongside Katie, and she has my highest recommendation.”

David Bringhurst, Project Marketing Manager, Gasper Corporation

“Ms. Radloff is an excellent writer, courseware developer, and teacher. Her work is precise, creative, and professional. She is an outstanding project manager, and I believe she would be an asset to any organization.”

Dan Robinson, Information Engineer at Gasper Corporation

Continuing Education