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Nutrition Philosophy

I have always been fascinated with the field of nutrition. I've learned to view the human body as a machine that needs fuel like a car; And, where a car can get too much bad fuel and tend to have problems, so can the human body if it is fueled with the wrong foods. It's a hard concept to practice in the world we live in, but we need to eat to live, rather than live to eat. Growing up in the south, everything is celebrated or even mourned with food. It becomes hard to eat the right food at the right time when food is everywhere all of the time! Also, I grew up being told to make a "happy plate" where I was rewarded for eating everything on my plate whether I was hungry or not. It took a long time for me to understand that it is ok not to eat everything that is put on my plate. Additionally, through my own experience, I've realized that nutrition awareness is extremely important and much of the public is unaware of what they are putting into their bodies and the consequences it can have. Also, I realized it's never too early to teach children about the importance of nutrition; after all, the longer we wait to teach them, the more bad habits such as the "happy plate" habit will need to be broken. Furthermore, it's important to stay current with the new research involving food and nutrition as it continues to evolve, while also considering an individua'ls environment and cultural aspects when advising them. Eating right needs to be viewed as a lifestyle and should come second nature, rather than viewing eating right as a diet or a program only to last a period of time.

Although I obtained my bachelor's degree in education, my passion for nutrition only grew as I was in the classroom. Being in the schools gave me the understanding of how little our youth knows how to eat, and how the problem would only grow worse as they get older if they don't become informed. Furethermore, I saw firsthand the options from the cafeteria that students were given for lunch and this was even more of a concern! Rarely were vegetables a part of the "hot lunch" and the salad bar consisted of shredded ice berg lettuce, shredded cheese, bacon bits, and fatty dressings. I began to realize how important it is that something be done to change this!

After deciding to stay home and start a family, nutrition became even more important to me as I wanted to give my first-born son only the best/healthiest foods. I began researching the importance of vitamins and which foods contained what vitamins so I could be sure that I was eating a variety of foods, so that he could consume all that he needed. During my second pregnancy, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and  it was at that point that my interest for nutrition became my passion. It was during this pregnancy that I decided that I wanted to go back to school, not for a Master's in education, but in Human Environmental Sciences. I no longer wanted to be in the school setting teaching English, but rather a teacher of nutrition to anyone I can help. I learned the importance of eating right more than ever when it affected the health of not only myself, but my unborn baby after my diagnosis. Happily, I was able to control the diabetes by eating right and had a healthy boy weighing 7 pounds and 6 ounces. As my second son approached one year old in the fall of 2011, I felt ready to enroll in school to begin my journey to becoming a registered dietician. I must complete the DPD program as my bachelor's degree is in an unrelated field as well as complete the master's program in human environmental sciences before being able to complete the internship and the exam to become a RD, but I've never felt more motivated and passionate about doing something before in my life.


Short-term goals

My short-term goal is to obtain a position in a nutrition related field while enrolled in school, so that I may gain work experience in a similar setting to the areas of study I am involved in.

Long-term goals

My ultimate goal is to become a registered dietician. I hope to work with others to spread awareness about the importance of eating right while improving the health of others one person at a time. I would love to conduct research and/or work with patients that require help planning meals for their own particular needs whether it be weight loss, diabetes management, or overcoming a vitamin deficiency or eating disorder. I want to improve the health of others through implementing proper nutrition and intend to do so in any setting I'm given as my job.

Sample of work

Resume and References


I am student enrolled in the University of Alabama to complete the DPD program and obtain my Master's in Human Environmental Sciences. I obtained a Bachelor of Arts from Louisiana State Universiy in 2005 in Secondary Education with a concentration in English.


Aug 2011Present

Master of Science

University of Alabama

I am currently enrolled at the University of Alabama with intentions of obtaining my Master's degree in Human Environmental Sciences while completing the DPD program simultaneously. Upon completion of the aforementioned programs, I intend to complete the necessary internship and sit for the exam in hopes of becoming a registered dietician.

Work experience

Jan 2014Present

MDO Teacher

FIrst Baptist Church

Teach preschool age children, encouraging them to grow as individuals and to develop confidence in themselves and the world around them.

Aug 2010May 2011


Tutor kindergarten through college-age students in English Language Arts via the internet in a digital  classroom  setting. Instituted effective time management as each student is only allotted one hour time   slot to work with a tutor to obtain understanding of material.

Nov 2003Oct 2008

Executive Assistant

Easterly Construction Company, Inc.

Maintained accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and company policies. Performed construction activity job costing. Allocated resources for active projects, including materials, overhead supplies, and personnel.Upheld professional communication and reasoning skills with clientele and co-workers.

Jan 2006May 2006

Teacher and Leap Tutor

Live Oak Middle School

Followed the Louisiana comprehensive curriculum for sixth grade and also, tutored eighth graders in English and Math to prep for the Leap Exam at Live Oak Middle School. Instituted effective student management, ensuring a cooperative classroom environment at all times while utilizing creative lessons to encourage all types of learners.Integrated personal teaching techniques and management skills while following the curriculum guide’s grade level expectations.

Aug 2005Dec 2005

Student Teacher

Central High School

Followed the Louisiana comprehensive curriculum for tenth grade English at Central High School.Completed 500.5 hours of student teaching, assuming all responsibilities of a classroom teacher for 203.5 of those hours with heavy participation for an additional 196.5 hours.Instituted effective student management, ensuring a cooperative classroom environment at all times.Integrated personal teaching techniques and management skills while following the curriculum guide’s grade level expectations.Tested theories, and acquired and developed methodology during my professional preparation.