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 I am a hard-working individual who is capable of great things. I study and work hard. I am a fast learner and a competitive team player. I have great people skills and come prepared. I show up early. I am reliable, honest, and trustworthy.



High School Diploma

New London High School

High School Graduate

College Classes

New London High School

~College Biology 151 & 152

AP Classes

New London HIgh School

~AP statistics


Coffee Barista

New London Alliance Church

I followed various recipes to coffee drinks, smoothies, and a frozen drink known as a buckeye blast. I made the appropriate change for the drinks. We also served bagels, muffins, and biscotti cookies.


Class President

New London High School 

 I was in charge of helping with fundraisers and creating the fundraisers to raise money for our class. I had to write and present a speech on behalf of the sophomore class. I helped run a fundraiser where students paid for flowers, I placed the order, and we were able to keep a profit of nearly 70%. A winterguard tournament was held at my high school and I managed a shout-out table. I also collected the ticket money for another fundraiser, our sophomore class 3-on-3 tournament. 


I have cared for and attended to the young children of various families. I can cook for them, bathe them, soothe them, and make sure that they have a good time and hardly notice that their atmosphere slightly shifted.  I am also CPR certified.


Leadership Skills

I am able to take charge and help out in any way possible. I am a perfectionist so anything left in my hands will be exactly as you would imagine it. My ideas can be slightly out there, but they pay off in the end. I have the capability to look at a situation from a different viewpoint and come out with the best solution.

Helping Skills

I have assisted our class adviser in creating an apparel selling fundraiser. I have also been working with another teacher to recruit more students for our academic challenge team. I have started a "Spring Cleaning" initiative to help out the elderly of our community. 

Creative Skills

I helped out a friend paint her room and have done the same to my own. I have collected antique pieces of furniture and created beautiful pieces of canvas artwork.

Financial Skills

Math is my best subject as I am taking pre-calculus and AP statistics as a sophomore. I have worked various concession stands for the music program.

Management Skills

I am a strong leader and am able to handle any task thrown at me. I am an organized individual who is able to plan and prioritize. 

Able to work in a group

I get along with others well and am able to know my place among a group. 

Communication Skills

I am inciteful to the emotions of people and I can navigate a difficult situation.


~National Honors Society (2016-present) 

~Tri-M Music Honors Society (2015-present) Vice President (2016-present) 

~NLHS Band Secretary (2016-

~Class President (2015-present)

~Jazz, Concert, Pep, and Marching band (2013-present) 

~Tenor Saxophone Section Leader (2013-present)

~Academic Challenge (2015-present)

~Solo and Ensemble (2011-present)

~Stage Crew for the play at my school (2016) 

~Middle School Honors Band (Tiffin High School 2012-2013)


Jami Trost (419) 668 4617