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Katie Fischer

Position applied for: Student Academic Assistant

Tutoring and Work History

Sep 2014Nov 2014


Castlewood High School Tutoring Program, Castlewood SD
  • Volunteered to help a student complete his English work
  • Taught student grammar lessons
  • Worked without a lessons plan based on where the student was in his work
  • Adapted to the student's pace and learning style 
  • Helped the student work through problems he was stuck on
  • Explained problems in a way that the student would understand
  • Kept the student on task while working
  • Helped the student develop study habits before tests
  • Raised the student's test scores significantly 
Dec 2013May 2014


Mentoring Program, Castlewood SD
  • Volunteered to meet with a child at least once a week 
  • Provided the child with emotional support 
  • Talked to the child about family and school life
  • Provided the child with a stress free environment to play
  • Played games with the child
  • Helped the child with his homework
  • Helped the child develop healthy social skills 
Aug 2013May 2014

Peer Tutor

Castlewood Peer Tutoring Program, Castlewood SD
  • Assisted the 2nd grade teacher during her math and reading time
  • Worked one on one with a student who was struggling
  • Helped the student work through problems he was stuck on
  • Adapted to the student's pace
  • Explained concepts in a way the student would understand
  • Answered other students' questions in the classroom
  • Graded papers to help the teacher
  • Helped the teacher decorate and organize her room
Apr 2013Aug 2014

Food Service

Zesto Drive Inn, Watertown SD
  • Interacted with a variety of customers
  • Maintained a positive attitude while working with difficult customers
  • Filled ice cream and drink orders
  • Handleed multiple orders at once 
  • Worked as a team with other employees to fill complex orders
  • Cooked multiple food orders at once
  • Handled customer's money
  • Supervised and helped train new employees
  • Counted customer's change wothout assistance of cash register
May 2012Aug 2012

Child Care

Self Employed, Castlewood SD
  • Supervised two children ages 7 and 11
  • Kept children entertained and active
  • Handled arguments between children
  • Disciplined children when appropriate
  • Drove children to their activities
  • Cooked noon meal for them
  • Maintained a positive attitude when children were being difficult


Aug 2011May 2014

High School Diploma

Castlewood High School
  • 7 credits of science
  • 4 credits of math
  • 2 credits of English composition
  • 2 credits of English literature
  • 3.5 credits of history
  • 1 credit of government
  • 1 credit of computer
  • 1 credit of physical education
  • 1 credit of art
  • 4 credits of band
  • 4.0 GPA
  • 28 ACT score


Certified in First Aid/CPR
I am certified by the American Heart Association through registered nurse Shannon Buelow. The certification allows me to perform basic first aid procedures during an emergency until Emergency Medical Services can take over. I can also perform CPR and use and AED.
Organization Skills
I developed strong organization skills in high school, when I have been very busy and taken a lot of difficult classes. I have had to stay organized to keep up with my busy schedule and make sure I get all of my assignments in on time.
Internet Explorer and Google Crome Skills
I have used both programs to complete schoolwork and for personal use. In school, I effectively used the internet programs for many research projects and online assignments. .
Computer skills
I can use many computer programs, including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word. I have used these programs to complete many school projects, including essays, presentations, and data tables.
Knowledgeable in medical terminology
My junior year of high school, I took a medical terminology class. I have a basic knowledge of many roots, prefixes, and suffixes that make up medical terms.
Knowledgeable in Spanish
In school, I took 7th grade Spanish, 8th grade Spanish, Spanish I, and Spanish II. From my classes, I gained a basic knowledge of the Spanish language.
Public Speaking/Communication Skills
Thanks to 4-H Public Speaking, oral interpretation, and school plays, I have no trouble speaking in front a people. 4-H Public Speaking required me to give a speech in front of judges and a crowd, and oral interpretation and plays required me to perform in front of a crowd. This has made me much more comfortable talking to and speaking in front of people.

Honor and Awards

Mar 2012Mar 2012

TEAMS Best in State Junior Varsity Team

TEAMS is an academic competition consisting of science and math related questions. Each team is made up of 8 member who each answer 10 story problems and write and essay. My 9th grade year, the theme was healthcare, and my team won first place in the state.
Nov 2014Nov 2014

Gold Certificate in National Career Readiness

South Dakota Department of Labor
Earlier this year, I took the career readiness exam. The exam consisted of math, reading comprehension, and interpreting information. My score qualified me for the gold level, which is the second to highest level.
Aug 2011May 2015

Honor Roll of Excellence

Castlewood High School
Because of my hard work and intelligence, I maintained a GPA of 4.0 throughout high school. The Honor Roll of Excellence, requires you to have a GPA of 3.7-4.0.
Dec 2012Dec 2014

Advanced to State Oral Interpertation

South Dakota High School Activities Association
Through my participation in Oral Interp, I developed public speaking and acting skills. I also read, discussed, and interpreted a complex piece of literature. I dedicated a lot of time to practicing my piece while I balanced many other extracurricular activities. I participated the district and region competitions, and my scores allowed me to advance to state.
Jun 2014Jun 2014

Hamlin County Delegate to 4-H Citizenship Washington Focus

4-H Leaders Association
I was selected, along with three other applicants, as a Hamlin County delegate for the Citizenship Washington Focus trip to Washington D.C. I was selected based on an essay about citizenship and my accomplishments in 4-H. While in D.C., I learned about citizenship and how my government works. We had a mock legislative session in which we constructed, revised, debated, and voted on fake bills we had created. I lead the process of creating and revising my group's bill, and I supported it through the process.
Mar 2014Jun 2014

Delegate for South Dakota Girls State

American Legion Auxillary
I was selected to attend Girls State based on my citizenship, leadership, and community involvement. At Girls State, I learned about our local, county, and state government, campaigning and electing government officials, and parliamentary procedure. I also was elected my city's PR representative, a county commissioner, and a member of the state House of Representative. In the House, I was elected as the majority leader and the president of my committee. Through these positions, I developed responsibility and leadership skills.
Feb 2014Apr 2014

Advanced to National Academic Decathalon

United States Academic Decathalon
I participated in the honors division, which requires a student to have a GPA of 3.75-4.0. In the honors division, only three students can advance to nationals. The theme for the year was World War I, and the competition consisted of a series of test in science, social science, English literature, art, music, economics, and math. After a lot of hard work and a lot of studying, I placed among the top three and advanced to nationals.
Apr 2014Apr 2014

First Place State Skills USA Health Knowledge Bowl Team

South Dakota Skills USA
Skills USA is a nationwide organization that values the excellence of the average worker. At the state competition, my team won first place in a knowledge bowl consisting of health related questions. Then, we advanced to nationals. At nationals, we placed 16th. We also had the opportunity to attend leadership workshops and listen to motivational speakers.
Apr 2014Apr 2014

First Place State Skills USA Medical Terminology

South Dakota Skills USA
At the state competition, I also participated in the medical terminology competition. The competition is simply a multiple choice test. I received the top score, so I received first place. However, I was unable to participate at nationals because I was participating in the Health Knowledge Bowl.
Nov 2013Nov 2013

South Dakota Delegate for National 4-H Congress

South Dakota State 4-H Office
I was selected to attend the congress from a group of statewide applicants. I was chosen, along with five other applicants, based on my leadership skills and my accomplish in 4-H. At the congress, I developed my leadership skills, got involved with a community service project, and learned how to make a difference in my 4-H club. I also had the chance to meet and interact with people from across the country.
May 2012May 2012

Inducted into National Honor Society

National Honor Society
I was selected to join Castlewood's National Honor Society chapter based on my outstanding grades, community service hours, and leadership experience. In NHS, I was elected the secretary. I have also participated in many community service projects through NHS, including an Anti Drinking/Drugs/Tobacco workshop for elementary students, collecting food for the food pantry, a Halloween party for elementary students, planting flowers outside the school, Breast Cancer Awareness Week fundraisers, and helping the counselor with elementary guidance classes.
Oct 2012Jan 2103

Student of the Quarter

Castlewood High School
To select the Student of the Quarter, the teachers at my school vote for the student who they believed has worked the hardest that quarter. I was selected for the 2nd quarter of my 10th grade year.
Aug 2011May 2013

Superior Attendance Award

Castlewood High School
To earn this award, I missed less than one day of school for an unexcused absence. I received the Superior Attendance Award both my 9th and 10th grade years, showing my dedication and commitment.
Jan 2012Jan 2012

One Act Play Outstanding Actor Award

South Dakota High School Activities Association.
I was given the Outstanding Actor Award at the Region One Act Play Competition. I was selected for my role as a ditzy Juliet in The Suessification of Romeo and Juliet. I put a lot of hard work into that role, and I was excited when I received the award.
Dec 2011Dec 2011

Junior Miss Castlewood Second Runner Up

Miss Castlewood Committee
I was named the second runner up at the Miss Castlewood competition. The contestants are judged on an interview with judges, a random question answered on stage, and my stage appearance and poise.
Sep 2011Sep 2011

State 4-H Fashion Revue Top Formal Wear

State Fashion Revue Committee
At the Sate 4-H Fashion Revue competition, I received the top score in the Formal Wear Division. I modeled a constructed formal dress that I later wore for the Jr. Miss Castlewood competition. The dress took a lot of time, hard work, and dedication to complete, but it was worth it.


Deb McEldowney

Former Cheer Coach at Castlewood High School; 317 E Allen St. Castlewood, SD 57223; (605) 793-9210

Shannon Buelow

Health Science Teacher at Northeast Technical High School; 45493 184th St. Castlewood, SD 57223; (605) 520-1968

Rev. William Hamill

Pastor of American Lutheran Church; 509 E Gerhold St. Castlewood, SD 57223; (605) 793-2777