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Business Solutions Director

Kathy's experience in adult education comes from over 30 years "in the trenches" at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas.  Having worked both in credit and continuing education in the Center for Business and Technology and the Business and Technology Division, Kathy is a contract training professional with experience in all areas of marketing, selling training and consulting to businesses.  She understands how to make proactive sales calls with targeted, qualified businesses resulting in high close rates, large contracts and the development of long-term relationships.

Kathy also has 10 years of marketing experience at Johnson County Community College, including designing the marketing collateral pieces for the Center and implementing the quarterly newsletter, e-mail blasts, quarterly newsletter and showcases to launch new products.



Master's Degree

Webster University

Bachelor's Degree

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How we can help

If you want to give your sales staff the edge on prospecting, proactive sales calls and closing large key accounts, contact us.  We specialize in:

1. Benchmarking Workforce Development

2. Contract Training Best Practices

3. Solution Selling


Kathy Yeager is President of Contract Training Edge, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in workforce development sales training, marketing, coaching and consulting.

Kathy brings over 30 years of experience in marketing and selling contract training to your organization.  She specializes in "how to" techniques for prospecting, effective sales calls, solution selling, proposals, closing, contracts, fulfillment, follow up and more.  Her unique presentation style and humor helps to give your employees the edge they need to achieve a higher level of effectiveness in selling contract training.

Kathy is also the author of the Workforce Development Benchmark Project.  This benchmark study was conducted with 20 community colleges across the country.  The purpose of this six-month study was to determine trends and best practices in the areas of workforce development, open enrollment and contract training programs.