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My name is Kathryn Harker. When my last child was born Deaf in 2011, I began a new journey to learn ASL. This new beginning introduced me to an amazing new culture that continues to bring new experiences daily. I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling.

I recently graduated from the Interpreter Education Program at Columbus State Community College.

My future plans are to get my bachelor's degree and continue learning about this ever-changing language.

ASL Introduction



Columbus State Community College

Jan 2012May 2016

Interpreter Education Program

Associates Degree of Applied Science

Deaf Services Center

Jan 2016May 2016

Practicum 2 Student

Currently in this practicum and will have completed 160 plus hours of observation & interpreting.


Mar 2016May 2016

Practicum 2 Student

Currently in this placement and will have completed 20 hours of observation only with Video Relay Services.

Fort Hayes Career Center

Sep 2015Dec 2015

Practicum 1 Student

Completed 180 plus hours of observation & interpreting (between 2 sites) high school level Deaf students

Dominion Middle School

Sep 2015Dec 2015

Practicum 1 Student

Completed 180 plus hours of observation and interpreting (between 2 sites) 6th grade level Deaf student

Morehead State University

Aug 1999May 2000

Early Childhood Development

Child Development Associate - Completed 1 year degree May 2000


  • self-motivated and dependable
  • works effectively in an independent and team environment
  • skilled in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook
  • skilled in learning and maintaining site specific computer programs 
  • meets established deadlines

Employment History

Deaf Services Center

Start date May 16, 2016

Contract Interpreter

  • interpret from English to American Sign Language
  • interpret from American Sign Language to English

ASIST Translation Services

Start date May 16, 2016Start date May 16, 2016

Contract Interpreter

  • interpret from English to American Sign Language
  • interpret from American Sign Language to English

Harker Services LLC

Aug 2006Present

Office Manager

  • manage payroll, invoicing, purchase orders
  • prepare/file tax documents and other business/government forms
  • record/file all records of office activities and business transactions
  • budget marketing transactions, business tools and supplies

Dairy Queen

May 2004Aug 2006

Shift Manager

  • promoted excellent customer service
  • evaluated food safety procedures and food quality
  • managed inventory
  • supervised and trained crew members
  • accounting skills


Columbus State Community College

Aug 2014

American Sign Language/Deaf Studies Certificate

This certificate is designed for students to learn about people who are Deaf, their unique culture and community, and be able to converse with them via American Sign Language (ASL).


  • Dean's List, Columbus State Community College, Columbus, Ohio ~ maintained placement since 2012
  • Student Member of RID since 2014
  • Member of OCRID since 2015

Volunteer Experience

  • (Pre-school at The Ohio School for the Deaf), intermittently from 2013 through 2015
  • Helen Keller National Center (HKNC) Self-Advocacy in Deaf-Blind Community Workshop - experienced Deaf-Blind interpreting (tactile signing & low-vision signing) September 19, 2015
  • Support Staff with OCRID conference April 1-3, 2016


Janet Lineberry
Director of Alice Cogswell Center
The Alice Cogswell Center
Ohio School for the Deaf
500 Morse Road
Columbus, OH 43214

Christine Evenson
Professor/Interpreter Education Coordinator
Columbus State Community College
550 E Spring St,
Columbus, OH 43215

Chris Driscoll
Communication Adjunct Faculty, Communication
Capital University
1 College and Main
Columbus, OH 43209
(614) 236-6201

Interpreting Philosophy

My desire as an interpreter is to provide quality service for both hearing and Deaf consumers linguistically and culturally. I will uphold the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Code of Professional Conduct to the best of my ability. I will continue pursing professional development to advance my skills, knowledge and continue to stay abreast on new concepts that are particular to the Deaf Community. Trust is vitally important and I will uphold standards that are set within the RID.

The values that I personally prioritize within our field are: equal access, trust, and professional development. When my son was born deaf in 2011 is when I first fell in love with the language and decided to pursue a career involving it. I want to provide equal access to consumers both hearing and Deaf while earning and maintaining trust. Our field is ever-changing and I plan to grow with the field by immersing myself in the culture and language. My son has been an inspiration to me in this journey. I am continually amazed by this beautiful language and cultural and feel honored to be an interpreter.

My Practicum experience did not  change my philosophy but it brought to light and enhanced my thoughts and values. Experiencing interpreting in the real world gave my a view from a different window. I now feel stronger than ever about trust being of utmost importance. I realized that interpreting is not just language facilitation but these are real people with real lives that you are a part of for a moment in time. I want that moment to be the best it can be for all parties involved.  

Interpreting Samples

Interpreting Samples Analysis

Comparative Summary

ASL to English 

I see improvement in voicing (ASL to English) within the 5 month time frame. I feel confident in my voicing and consider that my strength. I want to continue building my vocabulary choices for signs in ASL and also English. My goal is to have at a minimum 3 different word choices in different registers to match each ASL sign.

English to ASL 

I can really see improvement in my affect and processing within the 4 month time frame between the two videos. Video 4 was more challenging because of multiple speakers and managing overlapping talk.

 My processing time has improved and I will work to continue develop this skill. This aligns with my goal to continue working on making interpretations conceptually accurate. 


Professional Goals

Three areas of focus:

1. I will index and slow down finger spelling for clarity.

2. I will consistently produce conceptually accurate interpretations of the source message.

3. I will continue in the mentoring program to stay abreast of new concepts and teachings.

How I plan to accomplish these goals:

1. I will self monitor my finger spelling and also ask co-workers to give feedback in this area.

2. I will reflect on assignments and take notes of concepts that I struggled with and discuss them at mentor meetings to gain a broader understanding of such specific concept.

3. I am currently in the Mentorship Program at Columbus State Community College and have a mentee. I will continue in this program as long as it is available. I am also a part of the Mentoring Group with Deaf Services Center.

Professional Development


1. Act Like a Lady: The Impact of Gender Identity on American Sign Language -

    English Interpreters

    January 8, 2016 at Columbus State Community College


1. Decisions?Decisions!

      A Practical Guide for Sign Language Professionals

      Author: Janice H. Humphrey

2. Street Leverage Articles

3. Deaf Life Magazine (monthly)

Mentor/Mentee Groups

1. Deaf Services Center Mentoring Group

    holds monthly meetings

 2. Columbus State Community College

    I currently have 1 mentee and we meet bi-weekly to discuss goals and current