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Work experience


President and Owner

Kathryn Grad Consulting, LLC

Since 1996, I have worked with the High Performance Manufacturing Consortium with over 20 manufacturing companies in the Toronoto Area. I also worked in General Electric for 10 years as their consulting of choice in corporate headquarters in Connecticut. I led the "Effective Leadership for Women" 2 day workshop with two other GE consultants for over 2 years, with the commitment for the Senior Women in GE to breakthrough their own glass ceilings and doubts about themselves. We trained in almost all of the GE business units, along with other project breakthrough business trainings. I coached GE employees from several other countries with phone coaching and team trainings.

I have trained Presidents, Executive Teams, and employees. I have worked with over 30 ethnicities and languages, employees of ever level of education and directly with customers on and off site. I have trained with all of my material I have learned over my 30+ years and customized to each of my clients needs. The results are measured through 360 feedbacks, efficiencies on the lines, results with sales, customer service and cultural environments.


Consultant, Trainer, Coach, Facilitator and Assistant to Leslie Tucker. She was my Mentor at Roundstone

Roundstone International

I learned over a 10 year period through observation, listening and practice how to work directly in the manufacturing world. Main client was Abitibi Consolidated the largest paper company in the world.

Leslie's client was John Weaver, the CEO at the time. I worked beside her. I worked in the Union/Management environment. I led meetings, trainings and empowered all employees to work as ONE together as partners vs. against each other. We used all of the operating principles above. Our main principle was the Foundation for Results. "Focus on the relationship and Trust and the Results will come. For years, I worked with Plant Mgrs. Union Presidents and representatives, employees and supervisors. I worked in Canada for 22 years. Montreal for 3 years.

I have coached teams of leaders who french is their only language. I did this through interpretors and succeeded. This work prepared me for the rest of my life as a Leader and one who now trains other Leaders at all levels of an organization.


International Management Consultant, Coach, Trainer and Facilitator

Charles Smith and Associates

Worked with Fortune 500 Companies in Canada to produce breakthrough results with internal teams, executive teams and all employees. Designing a high performing environment using the tools of creating a common language, building strong internal relationships with trust and a straight talk environment. Committing to the growth, numbers and results each company was committed to. EMCO Limited, The Globe and Mail, Procter and Gamble, Campbell Soup, Hostess Frito Lay are some of the companies. We had 11 consultants from US, Belgium and England. My accountability was the delivery, design and presentation aspect to our customers. I was the lead consultant in designing what is known now and owned by Kathryn Grad as the World Class "Practice of Leadership and Coaching Program." This program started off as a "Coaching for Sales" program delivered to Key leaders in Campbell Soup. We led this program and produce breakthrough regional sales results time after time.

I have led hundreds of programs and developed the phone coaching program to stay connected to the clients in other countries and all of the follow-up assignments that make this program world class.


Operations Mgr.,Registration, Sales/Enrollment Mgr., Center Mgr., National/Operations Mgr.

International Educational Training Company - Transformational Technology

Operations/RegistrarAccountable for 300 person or more monthly training seminars held in the community. Managed and trained multiple team leaders/teams to support all participants with logistics, payments, questions, concerns and information needed to start and complete their training. Managed up to 40 team members and 6 team leaders. Was measured on efficiencies in regard to start and completion attendance. Reported directly to the Center Manager.

Sales/Enrollment Mgr. Promoted to Enrollment ManagerLed sales workshops, seminars and events from 500 to 3000 people at a time. Was main speaker and introduced main speaker in large hotels, DAR Constitutional Hall and event halls. Accountable for filling our main trainings each month with between 250 and 300 participants. Trained, led and managed Guest Seminar Leader Program with 75 - 100 participants. Graduates of this program led sales events in the area on a weekly basis and reported to me with enrollments and sales. Reported directly to the Center Manager.

Center Manager - Promoted to Center Manager of WDC OfficeWDC was in the top 3 offices in the world. NY, WDC and LA. I managed a staff of 17 managers who were accountable for all of our main trainings, workshops, logistics, special events, finance, seminars for graduates and all of our volunteer programs. We had over 3000 graduates in seminars, 500 voluneers, monthly trainings in several local locations with several hundred participants, hundreds of participants in our communication workshops and regular special events. I reported to our Regional Manager and was accountable for all results.

National Registrar/Operations Mgr.Moved to a National accountability focusing on Registration, Operations and breakthrough efficiencies with our main training programs. I trained and empowered all Centers Registrars USA and abroad to produce breakthrough results in attendance and completion of our trainings. During all of my years, I produced efficiencies coming from 60% to consistent 90% and above attendances with large groups of people. This happened by creating strong relationships and trust with the Sales Teams, the Operations Teams and customers themselves.


Available upon request.

Executive Summary

Kathy Grad, a pioneer in helping people from all walks of life become winners, is an accomplished leadership consultant, coach and trainer with over thirty five years of experience empowering and training executives, managers and employees to achieve world class breakthrough results. Kathy has a demonstrated track record of building high performance, strong relationships and trust, both with internal teams and external customers.

Her clients have been CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies and senior executives with multi-million dollar projects, reaching 30 cultures and ethnicities around the world.

The transformational leadership programs she has developed are now being modeled in education, manufacturing, health care, small business, real estate, technology, sports, finance, law, human resources, organizational development and fitness.

Skills and Abilities as a Trainer, Facilitator and Mentor

  • Lead World Class" Practice of Leadership & Coaching Program" completed and designed by KGrad.
  • Lead custom Basic Leadership, Coaching and Management Programs/Workshops.
  • One-on-One Executive Coaching toward business "Make History/Breakthrough Results."
  • Motivational Speaking for large, medium and/or small company events.
  • Customized Off-sites for Leadership and Management Teams. Includes one-on-one confidential interviews to assess status of the team.
  • Taking Dysfunctional Groups to Groups, Teams and High Performance Teams. 
  • Creating Your Vision Workshops. Completing your Past, Inventing your Future, and Living your Vision in the Present.
  • Leadership Program for Teens. "Leadership is Personal" It starts with you.
  • Sports Leadership Program for Teens. "Leading, Inspiring and creating a High Performing Sports Team."
  • Program for Teachers: How to Empower Yourself and Your Students. Generously Listening is the Key.
  • Trouble-shooting. Intervening into breakdowns and problems that persist. Declaring the commitment, separating facts from story, declare new actions.
  • Effective Leadership for Women 2 Day Workshop - "Shattering/Breaking through the Glass Ceiling". Empowering women in business to remove self-imposed blocks and become as great as they are meant to be.
  • Presentation Skills. How to Sell, Motivate, Inspire and Present yourself with a Compelling Presence that captivates your audience.
  • "ONE TEAM" Training. - How to come together as ONE TEAM to produce breakthrough results for the customer.
  • "ONE TEAM" Training with the Customer. - Working directly with the customer and the internal team to create the rules of engagement, protocol and relationships to work as partners rather than us vs. them.
  • Train the Trainer - Teaching customers, teams, clients on how to teach, lead and train internally all of the above trainings, principles and distinctions.

Community Involvement

  • Leadership Howard County Graduate
    • One Year Advanced Leadership Program run by Howard County - Class of 2006
  • River Hill High School  -  Howard County - 2002 - Present
    • Member of the River Hill High School Future Business Leaders of America, Professional Division Advisory Board.
    • Did Motivational Speaking with Visioning at River Hill Leadership Events, Regional and State FBLA Seminars and workshops.
    • Coached and mentored students competing at Regional, State and National Competitions with FBLA.
    • Volunteer Coach with Coach Chamness of the River Hill High School Girls Field Hockey Team.
    • Led Conditioning Camps for all Field Hockey teams and other local high school and college athletes.
  • 2011 Passport to the Future Graduation
    • Motivational Speaker on Visioning, What's Next and how to apply everything they learned going foward.
    • Mission: "Create Research and Development for students who are committed to be work force ready." 
    • This year long program is sponsored by the Howard County school system partnered with the Howard County Chamber of Commerce.
  • 2011 Howard County Voices for Change Youth Summit
    • Motivational Speaker Empowered youth people to take action and create positive action in Howard County
  • 2011 & 2012 Wilde Lake Middle School- Career Day
    • Speaker on Fitness- Natural Whole Foods vs. Processed Foods and how that impacts our Health. What the criteria is for being a Fitness
    • Instructor, Natural Nutritionist and Conditioning/Visioning Coach to children, competitive athletes and adults.
    • Purpose: To expose 8th graders moving to high school to different career opportunities to help them think about their future.
  • 2012 Helping Up Mission in Baltimore
    • Mission: "Helping Homeless Men in Baltimore"
    • Motivational Speaker on Visioning, Creating your Vision, Believing in yourself, Trusting your Faith
  • 2012 Georgetown University - IT Masters/Graduate Program - Barry Smith, Owner/President of IT Company, Professor.
    • Guest Speaker: Foundation for Results, Relationship/Trust, Building a High Performance Team in IT, Generous Listening, Action Cycle, Automatic Listening Straight Talk.


I am passionate about my Leadership work and have always been excited and grateful at what I do each day. I have a gift and a calling to empower others, create inspiring leaders and give back everything I have learned to the up and coming Leaders of today. 

I feel that myself and my leadership trainings are part of the solution to the challenges we face in our economy today. I believe that if we can start operating as ONE TEAM wherever we are, this attitude and excitement will spread. Once it spreads, it takes on a life of its own, and then the difference will be made.

Operating Principles

  • Leadership is Personal: It Starts with You. Be Accountable.
  • Creating a Vision for the Future
  • Building relationships with a strong foundation of trust
  • Generous Listening
  • High Performing Teams, Environments, Culture
  • Precision Speaking, Straight Talk, Effective Communication