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I am currently a sophomore in highschool and a honor roll student.

Work experience



I started working here at Mcdonalds in town around a month ago.I do not get many hours on weekdays due to my softball schedule. Most of the workers there espcially the managers always say how I'm a good hard worker.


 I babysit in the summer when I am not at a softball tournament. I don't really care about getting paid to watch children because I feel like it's part of me. My responsibilities while watching the kids are to prepare meals,change dirty diapers,interact with them, put them down for a nap,give them a bath, and put them in bed.

concession stand 

New london softball

To take part of the softball fundraising we all volunteered to work the food stand during the Labor Day Festival. I had to make subs, blend smoothies, and deal with money. The lesson that was learned by most was giving back the correct amount of change without a calculator. I had to be able to accept customer's appearance and their attitude. Also I had to be able to look at people and continue to smile. For the most part I am pretty good with being put under pressure.


New london High school