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Able to deliver above target and sustainable financial gains in highly competitive business markets through expertise in revenue growth, cost reduction, process re-design and profit improvement. Strong contributor to major organizations ranging from financial industry leaders to companies in the global energy, oil and gas, paper, construction, controls, HVP, security, fire protection and telecommunications. 

Key strategic resource with fifteen years of proven value, growth and leadership. Expert in Business Process Redesign known for transforming complex problems into action, stimulating collaboration across functional areas and international borders.The result is delivering break through bottom line profit and growth with top line improvement using the following skill sets:

  • P&L and Operating Management
  • Merger and Integration, pre and post
  • Acquisitions
  • Treasury, Cash Management
  • Turnaround & Restructure
  • Implemented ITIL (Global Standards)
  • Complex Project Management
  • Re-engineering and Process Management
  • Channel & Business Development
  • Energy, Data, Technology Markets
  • Internal Audit
  • Corporate Governance, IFRS
  • Business Strategy & Analysis
  • Logistics, Global Sourcing
  • IT Alignment with Business Targets

Work experience


Chief Financial Officer, Chief Technology Officer

American Bar Association

The American Bar Association, the largest voluntary professional association in the world. With more than 400,000 members, the ABA provides law school accreditation, continuing legal education, information about the law, programs to assist lawyers and judges in their work, and initiatives to improve the legal system for the public.


P&L and Technology responsibility for the entire organization which comprised of 2,000 individual sections, divisions and forums. 

  • Recruited to stabilize and restructure financial, technical, publishing and administrative team of approx 250 through external hiring, in house development and role redefinition.
  • Developed new structure and cost basis to create competitive advantages for long term, sustainability and profitability, reducing costs by $11 million without impacting services.
  • Complete P&L responsibility working with the Board of Governors, Finance Committee and Audit Committee addressing high level financial issues such as $30 million cash shortage, investment advisor change of long term investment portfolio and year- end financial information restatement.
  • Directed to implement a significant financial turnaround in 1 year.  Managed to budget and attained zero based budgeting for fiscal year ending for 2009 and 2010.
  • Initiated a strategic plan to address a $54 M unfunded Defined Pension Plan.
  • Created a Technology roadmap for back office and front office support and aligned with products strategy and changing trade association value requirements.
  • Designed and executed a complete ERP rollout of Oracle utilizing all modules increasing efficiency and reduction of single transactions.
  • Changed employee morale from low to high.
  • Initiated a development, training and succession planning.

VP Finance - SBT West



Siemens Building Technologies

Top Energy and Environmental Solution company in the world with U.S. revenue of $3 billion. Building and Energy Solutions totaling over $1 billion in guaranteed energy savings and $70 billion in global sales.

P&L responsibility for West Region, which consisted 7 districts, 25 branches, 2000 people, 120 in finance in 14

West and Midwest states and marketed four product lines.

  • Recruited by the CFO to maximize company-wide profits by restructuring the entire Western organization. Developed new structure and cost basis to create competitive advantages for long term sustainability and profitability.
  • Complete P&L responsibility for the Western Region with an Operations Partner. Assigned to implement a significant financial turnaround in 1 year. Managed 14 states, 25 branches, 80% travel.
  • Initiated a change management program that turned seven underperforming districts marketing four product lines, to delivering 16% return or $100 million annually.
  • Designed and executed rolling 90 day recovery plan focusing on customers, skills upgrade, staff reorganization, by balancing product lines, increasing pricing, and monitoring project execution and maximizing employee utilization.
  • Efforts resulted in a gross profit increase of 3%, or $16 million for fiscal 2008, over 2007.
  • Changed operating margin forecasting commitment by implementing senior management focus. Budget achievement was 98% for the 2008, previous achievement was 70%.
  • Initiated a manpower strategy to upgrade the skill set of the entire financial staff. Improved the billing and cash application, year over year reduction in the 90 day receivables to 2%, from 6%, overall networking capital improvement of $40 million.
  • Recognition of turnaround on all metrics by SBT Board members via merit compensation.
  • Implemented a Project Controlling function district adding 2% of gross margin, $10m.
  • Passed all Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and External and Internal audits without remedies.

VP Finance - SBT North


P&L responsibility for North Region which consisted 6 districts, 30 branches, 1750 people, 120 finance in 12 Mid-Eastern states and marketing of four product lines.

  • Implemented SAP over 6 months, an ERP system flawlessly.With no business down time. All other regions lost profit for three to four months upon upgrade.Approximate bottom line savings $3M.
  • Simplified metrics to increase management focus, upgraded staff, improved the billing and cash application processes, resulting in a year over year reduction in accounts receivable dollars of $30 M.
  • Oversaw large Energy Management business and identified areas of risk in the portfolio and successfully renegotiated contracts to meet targeted profit goals, gaining $1 million in bottom line.
  • Restructured 2 districts and improved margins through refining the project selection process, better job execution and focus on service growth.Resulted in a two year revenue increase of 21% and profit improvement of 29%.

Director of Finance


Held revenue and gross margin responsibility for entire US, consisting of 12 districts, 30 branches, and 1500 people with 30 in Field Finance.Responsible for Product and Services and for voice enabled applications and switched data technology. Drove pricing decisions, measurements, deployment tools, job cost and planning.

  • Recommended and drove company wide automated services tools eliminating $4 million of labor down time annually.
  • Researched competition to gain executive support and implemented price increases adding $10 million annually to bottom line without affecting market share.
  • Implemented “Project Audit Process” reducing overruns and risk on large scale and small scale projects eliminating the 2% cost overruns of $11 million run rate of previous years.
  • Implemented tools to measure deploy and monitor pre-sales support and investments to make cost effective “go, no go” decisions on pursuit opportunities. Resulting in a cost avoidance of $4 million.
  • Performed consulting work for sales teams doing “total cost of ownership” (TCO) benchmarks for customers to set strategy, metrics and provide industry comparisons of their telecommunications and data infrastructures. Won several multi-million contracts as a result.Dow Corning $2 million call center example.
  • Implemented strict compliance to Revenue Recognition SAB 104.

Director of Professrional Services


Held revenue and gross margin responsibility for entire US geography for 200 consultants and 20 people in Finance.Responsible for Professional Services revenues of $100 million and for consulting on voice enabled applications and switched data technology practice. Drove pricing decisions, measurements, deployment tools, job cost and strategic planning.Heavy customer interaction on project satisfaction and completion.


Director of Customer Engagement


Created a Customer Relationship Management Consulting Practice for telecommunications customers.Primary target customers were large international and domestic enterprise call centers.Sold and implemented software to reduce handoffs, streamline processes, increase customer satisfaction and achieve overall lower cost model of operations. Grew practice from concept to $75 million.Created $50 million of product drag as a result.


Director of Business


Siemens acquired IBM Division

For five years was the “CFO” of the most efficient and profitable region with a pre tax return of 18%. Consolidated the financial function to a distributed centralized function achieving a cost reduction of 75%, or $3 million.  Led a team of senior executives on benchmarking international counterparts standardizing the model globally. Certified on M. Hammer’s Re- Engineering processes. 


Manager of Service



IBM acquired ROLM

Strategic planner for service base and growth.  Measured loyalty, identified products with service losses and renegotiated the contracts.  Implemented a customer loyalty survey and trouble escalation process.  Set target utilization ratio of engineers to average number of trouble tickets.  Led team to implement remote call center to clear trouble tickets without on site technician visits, achieved clear rate of 80%.  Reduced service costs by 30%, increasing service gross profit from 30% to 45%.  Monitored customer erosion and competitive pricing.


Accounting Manager


Managed the general ledger, monitored $100 million lease portfolio, estimated cash flow and performed short term treasury investments, accounts receivables, accounts payable, inventory of factory assets, travel expenses, relocation facilitator, payroll, commissions.


Accounting Supervisor

Mobil Oil

Container Corp HQ

Implemented first EFTS payroll system for US. Designed accounts payable system reducing the lengthy authorization process.Closed general ledger, month end reporting, commissions and travel reimbursements.



American Bar Association




Master of Business Administration


Bachelor of Science

Northern Illinois University