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Based in Carson, California, agricultural business executive Kathryn Kellogg Johnson provides exceptional expertise in selling products that encourage environmental sustainability. As Chief Sustainability Officer of Kellogg Garden Products, Ms. Johnson sells a number of soil products, such as Kellogg Amend. Kellogg Amend offers gardeners an all-natural, organic solution to improving the yield of their plants and vegetables, combining a variety of plant foods and gypsum to do so. More importantly, Kellogg Amend helps gardeners, especially those in the southwestern United States, improve their crop yield by loosening up compacted clay soil.Kathryn Kellogg Johnson also aids individuals looking to grow their lawns with Kellogg Topper. A sod preparation and seed cover mix, Kellogg Topper utilizes a natural blend of iron, phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen to boost plant growth and give them immunity from pests and plant diseases. Primarily, Kellogg Topper works to quickly grow a new lawn for anyone's home, either by laying turf atop a two-inch layer of the mix or by covering the soil with an inch-deep layer of the cover, then planting grass seed. In addition, Kathryn Kellogg Johnson suggests using Kellogg Topper for other purposes; individuals can use it to improve an already-existing lawn, or they can use it as a decent alternative to mulch.Alongside these offerings, Kathryn Kellogg Johnson provides gardeners with an incredible range of products under both the Kellogg Garden Products and the Gardner and Bloome lines. With Kellogg Garden Products, Ms. Johnson offers natural soils, mulches, composts, and fertilizers, including the flagship products Nitrohumus and Gromulch. The Gardner and Bloome product line specializes in basic blended fertilizers, soil amendments, and single ingredient fertilizers designed for specific purposes and plants. As Kellogg Garden Products continues to grow, Kathryn Kellogg Johnson continues to oversee the development of new organic products that improve plant growth and minimize and neutralize damage to the environment.

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