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Work experience

CEO/Executive Director

Crossing the Digital Divide
Oversee the company and assist with operations on every level. Received several certificates and awards from the Mayor. Graduated nearly 1000 students by the end of 2008.


Sep 1982Present


Music, Drama, Community organizer; Detate Team and Volunteering. Awards for competing in many sports. Acknowleged for work in various organizations. Have enrolled again to complete my MBA.


Founder of CDD. Partner with a variety of orgs such as Cri-Help, House of Uhuru and Walden House.


Kathleen Patton is no stranger to Southern California’s biggest and most bustling city—Los Angeles. Ms. Kathleen Patton is a former student at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and she is also the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Crossing the Digital Divide, a non-profit organization she helped found in the beginning of 2004. Kathleen Patton has been a part of the sunny LA metropolitan community for many years, and with the success of her computer training organization, Crossing the Digital Divide, Ms. Patton will continue to be a part of the sizable Los Angeles non-profit scene.Crossing the Digital Divide, which operates solely on the generous contributions of private donors, is dedicated to providing training in the latest computer technology to adults who are struggling with the aftermath of drug addiction and drug-related incarceration. Kathleen Patton’s non-profit affords participants the opportunity to turn their lives around and have confidence in their new computer skills. Kathleen Patton, who oversees the operations of the organization, as well as other staff members, assists students in building foundations for their future careers in the high-tech industry. The organization pairs high-tech professionals with people who do not have any experience with computers.Crossing the Digital Divide has come a long way, and the organization continues to grow. Now, Crossing the Digital Divide has three training centers, allowing the non-profit to serve even more adults in recovery. Crossing the Digital Divide has been honored by the mayor of Los Angeles and has received various awards and certificates for its efforts in the community.Aside from her executive duties at Crossing the Digital Divide, Kathleen Patton spends her time singing, riding horses, practicing yoga, going to the movies, taking pictures, and enjoying the rich artistic culture that Los Angeles has to offer.


Continued adult education; music; photography; Local Art Gallerys and Theatre; Movies; Yoga; Hiking and Horseback Riding