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Texas business executive Kathleen Hanafan is renowned for her accomplishments throughout her 20 years in competitive industries. After earning two Bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry and Biology from the University of Mississippi and Old Dominion University, Kathleen Hanafan began her career serving executive positions in a variety of sectors. Among Kathleen Hanafan’s roles in these early positions include supervising the sales, marketing, and operations of services and products to customers both nationally and internationally. Eventually, Kathleen Hanafan joined major cable provider Tele-Communications Inc. (TCI) in the 1990s as a Director. At TCI, Kathleen Hanafan oversaw the growth of the company’s new products, and its mergers and acquisitions strategy, before the company merged with AT&T in 1999. Kathleen Hanafan then served as Vice President of the residential real estate investment trust Archstone Communities, Inc., where she managed the operations as well as other segments of the company. Continuing in the technology sector, Kathleen Hanafan joined broadband and dial-up Internet service provider BroadbandNow Texas Inc. as their Executive Vice President. At BroadbandNow, Kathleen Hanafan developed much of the company’s business plan, raising over $100 million in pre-IPO capital and launching the nationwide operations, sales, and marketing teams. Kathleen Hanafan followed up this position with PRIMEDIA Workplace Learning, a satellite-based learning company. As Senior Vice President, Kathleen Hanafan managed 9 of PRIMEDIA Workplace Learning’s 11 operation and sales divisions, producing 75% of the company’s revenue. Soon, Kathleen Hanafan established her first company in the last decade, Onit Communications, Inc. in Irving, Texas. As Chief Executive Officer of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) firm, Kathleen Hanafan developed Onit Communications into one the largest business-to-business VoIP firms in the country through a viable mergers and acquisitions strategy. After retiring as CEO in 2006, Kathleen Hanafan continued to serve as an advisor of Onit Communications until 2008. In 2006, Kathleen Hanafan joined shell corporation The X-Change Corporation and its subsidiary, RFID developer AirGATE Technologies, Inc. As President, Chief Operating Officer, and later CEO, Kathleen Hanafan oversaw the operations and business strategy of the two companies. After leaving The X-Change Corporation in 2009, Kathleen Hanafan established her second company, HM Energy LLC, where she serves as President, Chairman, and CEO.

Work experience


President and CEO

HM Energy, LLC



BS in Biology

Old Dominion University