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For the better part of three decades, Kathleen Exelby has offered quality psychological counseling to residents of Scottsdale, Arizona. She launched her practice, Behavioral Therapies Ltd in 1984, and has given care and advice in her role as licensed professional counselor ever since. As an undergraduate at the State University of New York, Kathleen Exelby studied counseling and art. She crossed the Atlantic to Britain in her junior year to take classes at the University of London for a year. Accepted for graduate work in counseling at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., Kathleen Exelby completed her professional education there before setting up her practice in Arizona.Kathleen Exelby provides guidance and comfort to patients facing the unexpected stresses of divorce, bereavement, parenting, and mood disorders. A client completes the registration form, mental health treatment plan, and consent-for-treatment form, which requires no more than 10 minutes at the initial interview. Record requests usually take less than 10 days to fulfill. From then on, clients of Exelby may request an appointment within 48 hours, simply by leaving their name and the preferred time and date on the confidential voice message line at Behavioral Therapies Ltd. If the patient’s condition appears to require medication, such as in the case of depression or ADHD, Kathleen Exelby can recommend prescriptions that the client may obtain through his or her primary care physician. Kathleen Exelby belongs to the Arizona Counselors Association, the American Association of Psychotherapists, and the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners. She actively participates in The George Washington University Alumni Association. She has authored a book for children about what their dog can teach them about feelings. My Dog Harpo: the Biggest Kid I Know, available for purchase on, supports the efforts of the Arizona Humane Society. Kathleen Exelby enjoys playing the harp and hiking in the mountains near Scottsdale, and she has joined The Walkie Talkies. Interested persons may read more about her and Behavioral Therapies Ltd at

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