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Kathi Guiney SPHR, GPHR, President of YES! Your Human Resources Solution, is an experienced human resources executive with a unique and successful track record in delivering significant and sustainable improvements in business through people and operations management.  She is recognized for her exceptionally high level of customer service, can-do attitude, and ability to partner with senior executives and management teams to achieve business objectives that contribute to company productivity and profitability. 

Kathi's background includes executive level human resource positions at both public and privately held companies in  the service, manufacturing, entertainment and high technology industries.  She is known as an effective change advocate in periods of rapid expansion, start-up and pre-IPO preparation,, and merger and acquisition integration.   

Kathi is an avid runner and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Oregon, Eugene Oregon. 


Sara J. Snoy, SPHR, CCP, GRP has extensive corporate human resource management experience in a broad range of industries including manufacturing, transportation, services, non-profit organizations and high technology.  Specific expertise pertains to, compensation and benefits, employee and management training, organization restructuring and design.  Sara is a well regarding instructor and teaches compensation courses for WorldatWork.

Sara's generalist background includes international experience from a corporate as well as expatriate perspective, in both line and senior executive capacities.  YES! clients appreciate Sara's energy, responsiveness, ability to balance strong business acumen with sensitivity to employee relations, creative problem-solving skills and sense of humor.

Snoy holds a B.S. in Industrial Relations from the University of Arizona, and is on the teaching faculty of WorldatWork (formerly American Compensation Association).

YES! success is driven by the ability to have a strategic overview of the company's business goals while being able as required, to be a tactical "hands-on" manager and project leader.  YES


The Power of Saying YES!

The team at YES! Your Human Resources Solution partners with senior management to identify opportunities and uncover solutions that will maximize the work efforts of your employees and help your  team focus on meeting company business goals.

Yes! we craft programs to increase the return on investment you have made in critical company assets, your workforce. Client companies range from early stage and start-ups to established companies private, public, and non-profit business sectors.

Since real examples will speak volumes let me share with you a few snapshots of YES! case studies.

  • Medical Device Company- They were not sure the money spent on benefits and recognition programs were appreciated, valued and appropriate.

YES! Solution:  Surveyed the local and regional business community for commonly offered benefits and perquisites to identify differentiators.  Surveyed employees on benefits needs and usage to propose changes in benefit offerings. Communicated  the value of benefits, and overall changes to employees.

  • Multi-Industry Company - was launching review of all its positions and it was discovered that job descriptions were not up to date or in a consistent format. The company managers did not have the required skill to create effective job descriptions.

YES! Solution.  An in-person and web based training program was developed for managment that covered the "why's and how" to write effective job descriptions. Easy to follow job description outlines were provided and a train the trainer program was initiated with the company HR team.

  • ConsumerProductsDistributionCompany-CallCenter - They had high and constant turnover and new hires were struggling to come up to "speed" quickly.

YES! Solution: - Reviewed sourcing and selection practices, and designed a revised process that included on-line behavioral assessment tools. Expanded candidate pool using diverse and innovative sources

  • Outsourcing Services Company - company acquisition of local competitor - The main company entity was out of state and they needed to ensure ongoing high level of customer care while quickly finding out the skills and issues of the employees in the acquired offices.

YES! Solution: On site one/one meeting with staff. Developed outlines of existing work flow and duties per employee, and identified overlaps of skills or gaps in skills when compared to corporate staffing capabilities. Obtained information from one/one and small group meetings, and made recommendations on retaining key individuals and ongoing communication needs.

  • Medical & Health Services Company- Recent organization changes and turnover had depleted their HR staff. The CEO wanted to give the HR Manager the opportunity to take a leadership role, but she was not quite ready.

YES! Solution: Utilized the YES! "Go-To" HR model and provided, as needed, HR leadership support and mentoring.  Provided guidance to the HR Manager in resolving employee issues and offer specific HR and Management development as needed.

  • Manufacturing Company - Change in business direction mandated a reduction in work force and relocation of the production facility without impacting the production schedules.

YES! Solution:  Engaged in interim HR leadership role to manage all aspects of the transition project, including staff reduction timetables. Implemented a 12 month communication plan and designed incentives and career support programs to ensure high level of employee participation during the project.

  • Health Services Company - The company felt that the incentive compensation was becoming an entitlement and not motivating or driving desired results. There were dozens of plans but none seemed to be working.

YES! Solution: Met with Senior Management to understand the desired performance standards, how payouts had been dealt with historically, then redesigned  incentive compensation structure to align with the achievement of these goals. Reduced the number of programs, introduced metrics to measure the achievements and simplified the calculation. Proposed recommendations and drafted communication for rollout of new programs.

  • Consumer Product Start Up- They were experiencing fast growth but there was no structure or consistency in department or organizational structure. Employees were confused and did not feel they were heading toward their desired "great future".

YES! Solution:   Several one/one meetings with CEO to determine his vision for the future of the company. Involved senior management in analyzing needs and designing corporate structure to prepare for growth.  This included designing and implementing an efficient and compliant HR foundation to support the organization needs, job definition for all employees and a key leadership hire.

Additional success stories are available and cover international acquisitions, building HR infrastructure, project management of organization change initiatives and more.

Professional Experience

Strategic Human Resources decision-maker and proactive business partner with senior management. Provides vision and counsel in steering organizations through periods of growth or consolidation.Solution based HR....Click here to read more