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Kateri Jaynes

Artist/ Awards and Decorations Officer

Work experience

Jul 2014Present


Hamburger Inn

Handling money and balancing tips for waitresses

Aug 2014Present



Providing the best art for the best journalists and their stories


Aug 2009Present


Rutherford B. Hayes

Soon I will be graduating and earning my GED in which completing my childhood education

Jan 2014Present


Rutherford B. Hayes

A leadership class in which I dedicate most of my time to


In JROTC I am a commander of Female Colorguard, Drill Flight Commander,  and also the Awards and Decorations Officer. Considering the fact of I am not a complete first year yet, these positions were not simply handed to me. I had to work harder than those who have experience from at least 3 or more years of JROTC. I had to earn my way to the top. JROTC has taught me more than I have ever expected to learn in only half a year. Leadership, Assertiveness, Discipline, Survival, Public Speaking, Community service, and taking every opportunity no matter the cost are just a few of things I have learned that will help me in the future in every situation.


A small example of the artwork I can do in just Talisman. Talisman has challenged me in a lot of different ways. Such as time management, drawing outside of my comfort zone, and helping me discover other talents i have when it comes to art.


Work Ethic

In the near future

a lifetime journey