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I am a diligent student and worker who always strives to achieve the best possible. I work well as a team and am willing to accept advice and/or helpful critism.  A strength i have as a person is that I can handle situations calmly and with a logical way of solving the problem.  As a nurse/midwife I can provide endless care for patients, I am also willing to listen to the patients needs to ensure better cooperation between patients and nurses. 


Certificate lll in health services assistance

NSW health

Bachelor of midwifery

University of Canberra

This course aims to graduate midwives who make a positive difference to the health of women and their children. Graduates will be educationally prepared to practice across the full scope of midwifery as defined by the ICM Definition of a Midwife and will be eligible to register in the ACT and other states and territories under mutual recognition policy. This course meets the EU standards for registration as a midwife.