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My name is Katelynn Kilburg and I am from Raytown, Missouri. I'm currently going to school to be a professional photographer. I believe I would be the right person for this job because I am responsible and a very hard worker. I am also committed to everything that I do. I refuse to give up, even if I am faced with continuous difficulties along the way. I would benefit the company by preserving the company's reputation of good morals and attitudes with my own hard work. In addition, I am able to be very professional around co-workers and customers in any situation. 

Volunteer Work


Cat Caretaker

Kansas City Animal Shelter

I kept the cats in the shelter company and gave them the daily interaction they would otherwise not receive. 


Grocery Organizer

Raytown Christian Church

For this task, I typically organized a certain order of food items into a bag. I would also occasionally unbox foods and put them into groups depending on what food it was



Raytown Senior High School

From 2013 to 2016, I went to high school here.


Studio Art

Meredith College

Starting fall of 2016, I began attending Meredith College to receive a degree in studio art with a minor of photography. I plan to receive my degree in the spring of 2020.



I am able to complete tasks when they are given to me, even if there are road blocks or difficulty that lay ahead


When I am put into different situations or environments, I can easily adjust without my work or productivity being affected.


I carry all my tasks to completion and prioritize things that need to be done over things I want to do. For example, I make sure all my work for school is done before I do things such as watch TV.


I am able to problem solve and find solutions to different issues that I may face.


When faced with different choices, I am careful to take each one into consideration before making a decision. 


I find it very easy to keep a pleasant attitude with others and I enjoy making connections with people that speak to me.