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Conferences & Webinars

  • Group Harmonics at UCF (Ed Muzio)
  • The 48th Grand Chapter Congress (Delta Sigma Pi Professional Fraternity)
  • Dream Big/How Hard Are You Knocking (Tim Augustine)
  • Mashable Social Media Day at UrbanReThink 
  • .Brand vs. .Com-Will Brands Come Out On Top (AMA Webinar) 
  • The Science of Social Media Webinar 2011 (Dan Zarrella): This webinar was filmed during an earthquake and made it into the Guinness Book of World Records


I am finishing up my last semester as a marketing undergrad while interning at the Golf Channel. I love being part of the NBCUniversal family and am hoping to continue my professional career with a progressive organization upon graduation. I enjoy working in a diverse, high energy team environment and feel that one of my biggest strengths is the ability to communicate and coordinate with other individuals to accomplish organizational initiatives and goals. I believe that my former positions at MySpace UK Ltd., CBS Radio and the Golf Channel have helped me to foster this skill. 

My marketing experience comes from the entertainment and media industries, more specifically from the digital and social media realms both domestically and internationally. I specialize in monitoring the sociall environment for trends, opportunities and shifts.

If you would like to know more about my future goals, I have attached a Ten Year Plan which outlines future career aspirations. 

Currently I am living between Los Angeles, California and Orlando, Florida but will be based solely in Los Angeles in a few months time. 

Please feel free to contact or network with me. I look forward to meeting you!

Work experience

Golf Channel Intern

  • Pioneering and executing an overall social media strategy for the Golf Channel
  • Utilizing SEO methods to build ROI, CTR, website traffic, engagement and efficiency metrics
  • Managing and editing website content via Sitecore and Photoshop
  • Researching and tracking trends in the sports and golfing industries
  • Assisting with the management of social media assets
  • Composing photo captions, tags and html codes to drive website visibility
Dec 2010May 2011

CIO Student Assistant

University of Central Florida
  • Handling queries for the Chief Information Officer and routing calls to proper departments
  • Planning and preparing travel arrangements for the Chief Information Officer
  • Maintaining website using content management systems and basic html encoding
  • Managing inventory resources, invoices, travel reimbursements, purchase orders and confidential legal documentation
  • Participating in special departmental projects
Jan 2011May 2011

Promotions Intern

CBS Radio

  • Editing and managing promotional video and photos via YouTube and website
  • Monitoring the social media environment for strategies and trends
  • Assisting on-air talent with cross-channel opportunities 
May 2009Jul 2009

Human Resources Intern

MySpace UK Ltd.

  • Supporting the HR and legal departments with administrative needs
  • Communicating with employees across other MySpace international offices
  • Assisting the HR department in organizing sensitive information management resources
  • Maintaining employee file storage, annual appraisal reviews and off-site archiving
Aug 2007May 2008

Program Coordinator


  • Designing promotional events to build program awareness within the community
  • Communicating effectively with school officials, vendors, parents and program directors
  • Management of staff member and thirty middle-school-aged youths


Learning this skill at the Golf Channel for video caption/tagging composition 
Swedish Language
Learning for fun
Spanish Language
Written comprehension is much higher 
French Language
Microsoft Office
Oracle Database
I have attached a work sample of a flyer in which I assisted in the design of. 

Writing Sample

Ten Year Plan

Photoshop Sample


Aug 2006Dec 2011

Bachelor's Degree

University of Central Florida


AdWords Certification