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Mission Viejo High School

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J'adore La Fondue

J'adore La Fondue is Mission Viejo High School's Virtual Enterprise class. Virtual Enterprise is a class for students to create a virtual business and compete against other schools for best business plan, best newsletter, etc.  Through an interview process, I was chosen as the COO, Chief Operating Officer, of the company.

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Kerry Dance Troupe

Kerry Dance Troupe is an Irish dance team who focuses on shows alone. KDT is a very well structured and well run company. The dance troupe always sells out a show!


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Welcome to my digital portfolio! In my portfolio you will find my letter of recommendation, a cover letter, four samples of work for J'Adore La Fondue and three writing samples. Enjoy!

Cover Letter

26982 SalazarMission Viejo, CA, 92691(949) 770-4492(949) [email protected]

Hollister Co.71 Fortune Dr.Irvine,CA,  92618

12 May 2009

Dear Sir or Madame,

    I am a senior at Mission Viejo High School. I am very interested in joining the team at Hollister Co. I have never had a real paying job and I need to start saving money for college. I have done lots of volunteer work and I would love to work at Hollister Co.

    I would be a great asset to Hollister Co. I am a leader, but I also know how to follow directions. I am also very punctual, smart and willing to work. I am a hard worker and I take direction very well. I am very organized and very clean. I also have lots of experience interacting with people of all ages. I have volunteered at my church for about seven years and have worked with kids as young as four to as kids as old at fifteen.

    Thank you very much for your time and considering me for a job at Hollister Co. I hope to hear from you soon.


Katelyn Susanna Archer

Writing Sample #3

A true Cinderella story

    The clock strikes midnight as Cinderella runs down the steps of the palace. Her life seems to be spiraling downward, until one day, the prince finally finds her. They live happily ever after. Jim Braddock is the perfect example of Cinderella, or in this case, a Cinderella man. The movie Cinderella Man has great examples of historical accuracy, cinematic storytelling, the effects of the depression, great character traits, and a parallel world to the world today.     In Cinderella Man, there are many historical references but not all of them are true. However, examples such as Hoovervilles, Herbert Hoover and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and NBC, are very historically accurate. During the movie, Jimmy goes to central park, the largest Hooverville in town, and looks for his friend Mike. The movie shows the Hooverville as a place of destruction, devastation, poverty and sadness. This is very accurate. Homeless people established Hoovervilles. Their houses were made out of cardboard, or cheap plywood. Also, the crime rate and death rate in Hoovervilles were extremely high. This is shown in the movie when Mike is killed by a spontaneous murder. The movie also talks about Herbert Hoover and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Jimmy and Mike are sitting in a bar talking about both of the presidents when Jimmy comments that he doesn’t trust Franklin Delano Roosevelt until he gives everyone their houses back. Many people in the 1930’s were very skeptical of Roosevelt’s New Deal. Many believed that every president would be like Hoover, and drive the depression further into the ground. Another historically accurate piece of information was the broadcasting of boxing matches. In the movie, there are always microphones and a man giving the play by play as to what’s happening in the match. In the 1930’s television sets were not a common household item and therefore the matches were broadcasted via radio. One of the most common producers of the fights and other news was NBC.  Not only is Cinderella Man historically accurate, it gives great examples of cinematography.    Cinderella Man gives many ambiguous scenes to display the Depression and hidden meanings to the scene. For example, in one of the scenes Mae gets very frustrated with Jimmy and the children because they are boxing in the house. She yells at them and walks outside upset. When she walks outside, she walks into a spot light, when everything around her is dark. This represents that she is alone emotionally and physically. Another very ambivalent example is when Jimmy is waiting in line at the bank to get a loan. Jimmy talks to the employee working there, and for a few moments, the camera angle switches to the employee’s point of view. The angle shows Jimmy behind bars. This shows that Jimmy is living is a theoretical prison. The Depression has put him in such a horrible state that he is living in a prison. Another subtle example is the boxing ring. The first time the viewer sees the outside of the boxing ring the lights are flashing gold. The second time it’s shown, the lights are dim and the gold turned to a pale yellow. This represents that the “glory days” are over, and the Depression had begun.    Jimmy Braddock was a boxing star. When the Depression struck in 1934, even he, Jimmy Braddock, was affected. For example, like many Americans, Jimmy and his family had very little food and milk. Milk was only refilled if the bills were paid, and if the bills weren’t paid, the family would have to make do with what they had. Jimmy’s family didn’t pay the bills on time and therefore had to make do with what they had. Mae had to water down the milk in order to give everyone in her family milk. The Depression also affected Jimmy’s money income. The Depression forced Jimmy to beg for money, like many other Americans during the time. Taking out loans, selling possessions and begging for money was the only source of income for Jimmy, and millions of Americans. Jimmy would also fight in as many fights as he could. At one point, he goes to the boxing community to beg for money because he had nowhere else to turn. The Depression caused the problem of low income and Jimmy had to find somewhere to work. Therefore, Jimmy also worked on the docks when he could. Hundreds of people would line up outside of a dock gate and hope to be picked to work. However, like Jimmy, not everyone was picked. This type of work was a very unreliable source of income.     Even though the Depression was one of the hardest times to live in American history, Jimmy Braddock never changed. He was a brave, humble, and reliable man. Jimmy was brave in many situations. For example, when he went to look for Mike in the Hooverville, he risked his life to find a friend. Also, he was a very brave man to fight the top champions of boxing. It would have been easy for him to back down and give in, but he was brave enough to accept the challenge, and in the end, win them all. Jimmy was also a very humble man. When he was being interviewed for a newspaper the reporter asked him, “What are you fighting for Jimmy?” Instead of saying money, pride, or any other narcissistic answer, he simply replied, “Milk.” He was also very humble around other people. He didn’t act like he was any better than them because he was an amazing boxer; he treated them and himself like normal people. Jim was also a very reliable man. For example, he promised his son Jay that he would never send him away, and he kept his promise under even the worst circumstances. Also, after he had enough money, the first thing he did was pay back the loans he took out from the bank.     There are many similarities and differences between the 1934 and 2008. The most common similarity being that we put out faith in sports heroes, and the most common difference is the attitude the generations carry.  In 1934, people had no nope or inspiration, except for that of sports heroes. Many people found the story of Jimmy Braddock very encouraging because they believed many their story would be a Cinderella story too. Whenever Jimmy won, it gave his fans a sense of hope, a hope for Jimmy to win, and a hope for a brighter tomorrow. Today people put their faith in sports heroes as well. It’s very common to see people wearing jerseys with players’ names on them. Whether or not that person is their inspiration is inevitable, people still care enough about them to buy their jerseys. However, when there are similarities, there are differences. The most common difference between 1934 and 2008 is the attitude of the people. In 1934, people had no nope and no reason to brag. Millions of Americans were left with nothing, living in Hoovervilles struggling to survive.  That was the norm. This caused people to be very humble towards other Americans. They did not brag and they did not boast, and they lived as one, or at least tried to. Today, however, it is very common for people to brag about their money, the size of their house, or what kind of jeans they bought. Society today is so dependent on oneself; there is no need to care for others.     Her story started with a beat up pair of shoes, to a glass slipper. The clock strikes midnight, ending her perfect dream. The slipper fits, and she marries the prince. His story started with a beat up pair of gloves, to new gloves. The bell rings and the match is over, Jimmy’s lost everything. The courage he finds gives him the strength to win. A true Cinderella man. Cinderella Man gives great examples of historical accuracy, cinematic storytelling, the effects of the depression, great character traits, and a parallel world to the world today. Jimmy Braddock will go down as history as the real Cinderella man.


I love to sing, Irish dance and surf (even though I'm not very good at surfing.) I love the beach as well as music. I'm attending Cal State University Fullerton in the fall.

Writing Sample #2

Obama’s Tax Promise

    I read the article from the December 29th LA times called “Obama will stick to tax promise, his aides say,” by Peter Nicholas. The article talks about Obama’s tax plan. Obama stated that his new tax plan consisted of a tax cut to the middle-class citizens and a tax raise for the wealthier American.  Currently, Obama’s aides have been speaking for him in the public. David Axelrod, who is Obama’s senior advisor, told NBC’s “Meet the Press,” that something big must be done. Obama and his team want to leave a lasting plan that will help the economy. As soon as Barack is sworn into office, he wants to be able to sign his tax bill. (Meaning he wants lawmakers to start acting now.) Ever since Obama has won the election, he has been faced with many serious issues. Issues such as unemployment rates increasing, sinking home values and sinking retail sales. Retail sales dropped 5% in November and 8% in December as compared to 2007.  Lawrence Summers, Obama’s National Economic Council head, said that if nothing happens the unemployment rate could reach 10% by the end of next year. The unemployment rate in November was already close to 7%.  Obama says that the money in the tax plan would go to schools. The money would go toward classrooms, libraries and other laboratory studies. On this, Axelrod said, “These are things that will put people to work but also that will strengthen our economy in the long run, and that’s where we’re focusing our attention.” Economic experts claim that Obama should rework his tax plan, but Obama says he won’t change it. He said he was sticking to what he promised. The Republican party seems hesitant to agree with Obama and to pass his tax plan, however, Senator Bob Corker made a statement saying, “regardless of whether I support it or not, its coming.” He later explained that he just hopes that whatever happens, he hopes that it is in the best Interest of the country. The article concludes with whether or not Obama has done anything regarding the Illinois issue, however, no extreme action has taken place at this time.      I chose this article because I was curious as to whether Obama’s tax plan was changing or whether it was going to stay the same. Also, I was curious to see exactly what his plan was. It was very interesting to see the comparisons between this year and years previous and how the rest of the country is responding to the plan. I was also pleased to find out that Obama plans to put most of the money into education. In California especially, we have been a part of the major changes in schools and budget cuts.     This article affects the whole nation, my family, me, and the wealthier people of America. The nation’s economy will either continue to sink if Obama’s plan doesn’t work he wants it to. However, if he plan goes according to plan, the nation’s economy will rise and we will be back to where we were. It will also affect my family and I because we are a middle class family. Since his plan states that the middle class people will have a tax break, this means that my family will have to pay fewer taxes. Which in turn will give us a little more money to live off of.  On the other hand, the wealthier people of America have to pay more taxes, which gives them less money to love off of. In my opinion, I think that this plan will just create an even middle between the classes. Since the rich will have less money and the middle class will have more money, the gap between the two will be smaller, if not even.     The tax plan directly affects me because first, I am a part of a middle class family and secondly, I am a student. Being part of a middle class family will allow my family to pay fewer taxes, which in turn gives me more money for college tuition. It also gives my brother more money for college as well. The tax plan also affects me as a student. Since I will be a college student next year, I will be at school on my own, paying for my own books and college tuition. Since Obama plans to send most of the tax money into the education system, books and tuition will either increase or decrease. All of this depends on whether or not the tax plan follows through.     The tax plan also affects the nation’s education, middle class and wealthy class citizens. The nation’s education, I think, will benefit. With more school teachers, there is a smaller student to teacher ratio, which in turn gives each individual student more attention. Also, with more libraries, students have a larger opportunity to read in class textbooks, such as Oedipus. Also, if more money is given to schools, teachers won’t be limited to one ream of paper per month.  The nation’s middle class with have to pay fewer taxes, which will give them more living money. However, the wealthy class will have to pay more taxes giving them less living money.     The tax plan will also affect the world. Normally, America is one of the world’s leading economic leaders, however due to recent events, the United States has been struggling. Because of the United State’s struggles, the rest of the world has been suffering as well. If Obama’s tax plan is successful, the United States will return as a world economic power, and the rest of the world’s economies will also return to normal.     This article is significant because it tells about exactly what Obama’s tax plan is, who is affected and where the tax money will go. It also shows the opposing parties view. Sen. Corker stated, “There’s too much momentum right now to envision that something isn’t going to happen. We can only hope that whatever does happen is something that advances the country’s interests.” This shows that even though the Republican Party doesn’t necessarily agree, they support the fact that something is happening. The article also shows that the money from the tax plan will help fix the programs and other thins damages in the past few years. Whether or not the plan will work, at least we have a plan.

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:     I have known Katy Archer for close to six years and have seen many excellent qualities in her.  Three traits that Katy possesses in high volume are intelligence, integrity, and like ability.  Concerning Katy’s intelligence, she is a very bright young woman who thinks clearly and quickly.  She has always done well academically while being involved in many things such as music and church activities.  Katy is able to process large amounts of information well and does a tremendous job of applying information.  Katy has an exceptional young mind.    Katy also is a person of integrity.  Katy is a very sincere person who is the same in public as she is in private.  She is honest and is willing to tell her true feelings to others.  Integrity is a rare trait these days that is very valuable and Katy is filled with it.    Katy is a person that people enjoy being around.  She is not high maintenance but someone who brings joy and laughter to those around her.  She is a magnetic young person who is very popular with her friends because of her conduct and treatment of other people.  Katy is a person that people want to spend time with.Sincerely,Pastor Nathan Wright

Writing Sample #1

Lord of the Flies

    A.E Waite, a scholar and the co-creator of the Ride-Waite Tarot deck, once said, “The true Tarot is symbolism; it speaks no other language and offers no other signs. Given the inward meaning of its emblems, they do become a kind of alphabet which is capable of indefinite combinations and makes true sense in all.” Symbolism is an important factor in the book The Lord of the Flies. There are many symbols in the book; however, three of the most important are the conch, Simon’s garden and the paint used to mask the boys’ faces. The conch represents democracy. Simon’s garden is a symbol for the Garden of Eden. Lastly, Piggy symbolizes the voice of reason on the island.    The conch represents democracy. In the beginning of the story, Piggy and Ralph find themselves seemingly alone on an island after a place crash. Piggy, a larger child with asthma problems, and Ralph, a tall, handsome boy, are walking along the beach when they find a conch shell. Ralph blows the conch in hopes of finding other survivors from the crash. Slowly, boys begin to creep out of the forest. After the boys are assembled, they elected Ralph as the chief because he was the one who blew the conch. Also, Ralph seems to be the most suitable leader because he has features that set him apart from the rest of the boys. “There was a stillness about Ralph as he sat that marked him out: there was his size and his attractive appearance; yet most obscurely, but most powerfully, there was the conch.” Here the conch represents the start of a democracy. This marks the start of democracy because the conch allows the boys to assemble and make decisions together, however, the decisions are ultimately ruled and controlled by one leader. Throughout the book, Jack, one of the choirboys, begins to split apart the group by ignoring Ralph and giving his own commands. Jack ignored the conch and the rules. “‘The rules!’ Shouted Ralph. ‘You’re breaking the rules!’ ‘Who cares?’” Soon enough, Jack was fed up and decided to start his own tribe. The democracy on the island was slowly weakening. After the group had officially split, Ralph, Samneric, a set of twins that finish each others sentences, and Piggy went to talk to Jack.  When the argument got heated between the boys, Roger pushed a rock from on top of the mountain and it was sent tumbling down the hill killing Piggy and democracy. “The rock struck Piggy a glancing blow from chin to knee; the conch exploded into a thousand white fragments and ceased to exist.” The order and unity that the conch had brought to the group was broken. The last piece of democracy had been destroyed and Jack's totalitarian rule was no longer threatened.    Simon, a small choirboy who is very shy and quite, finds a small garden like area for him to enjoy. Simon’s garden is a symbol for the Garden of Eden. When Simon first discovers the garden, magnificent fruit trees surround it and it is peaceful and beautiful. “Beyond the screen of leaves the sunlight pelted down and the butterflies danced in the middle their unending dance.”  Just like Simon’s garden, the Garden of Eden was beautiful when God first created it. Genesis 2:9 says “Out of the ground the Lord God made to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food, the tree of life also in the midst of the garden and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.” However, Simon’s garden isn’t peaceful for long. Jack and his hunters brutally kill a pig in his garden. They later place the pig head, the Lord of the Flies, on a stake in the garden. This brings evil and destruction to the garden. Simon’s peaceful garden is not longer a place of happiness. “Even the butterflies deserted the open space where the obscene thing grinned and dripped.” After the killing of the pig, Simon never returned to his garden. Just like Simon’s garden, the Garden of Eden was corrupted by evil. Genesis 3 talks about a crafty serpent that lies to Eve and makes her sin. After Adam and Eve sinned God drove them out of the Garden of Eden and never allowed them to return again. Both Simon’s garden and the Garden of Eden were disrupted by evil and Simon, Adam and Eve never returned to their gardens again.    Piggy is a short, stout, little boy with asthma problems. Piggy is also a very logical and sensible person, which is why he is the voice of reason on the island. A voice of reason is a person or a voice that keeps people and things in order. Piggy demonstrates this various times throughout the book. For example, when Ralph and Piggy are walking along the beach for the very first time, they find a conch shell in the sand. Even though Ralph is the one who blows the conch, it was Piggy’s idea. “Ralph! We can use this to call the others. Have a meeting. They’ll come when they hear us-“ Later on, Ralph suggests that they make a fire for a smoke signal. Before anything else could happen, the boys were off running to start a fire. At the next meeting, Piggy voices in reason again. “I got the conch! Just you listen! This first thing we ought to have made was shelters there down by the beach!” Piggy’s reasoning affected few people, but it did affect Ralph a lot. Ralph listened to Piggy despite his awkward personality and strange thoughts. The last time Piggy’s voice of reason is heard is when Piggy, Ralph and Samneric go to talk to Jack about the fire and getting Piggy’s specs back. After Jack took Samneric captive, the conversation started to heat up. Ralph has started to forget why they had come. Piggy whispered to him that it was about the fire. Later, just when Ralph and Jack were about to start really fighting, Piggy, the voice of reason, stepped in again. He held up the conch and said, “Which is better- to be a pack of painted Indians like you are, or to be sensible like Ralph is?  Which is better to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill? Which is better, law and rescue or hunting and breaking things up?” Sadly, this would be the last time Piggy would speak as the voice of reason, or at all. Soon after, Piggy was thrown to his death. However, his thoughts and his reason would stay with Ralph until they left the island.    In order to bring depth to a story, an author uses symbolism. In the book The Lord of the Flies by William Golding, there are three symbols that give the story depth. The first is a conch shell. The conch shell symbolizes democracy on the island. Next, is Simon’s garden. Simon’s garden is a symbol for the Garden of Eden. Lastly, Piggy symbolizes the voice of reason. Symbolism brings depth and ambiguity to a story, truly, without symbolism there would be no story.