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Accomplished online business developer and project leader offering over 13 years of business experience and 3 years of social media marketing which has driven revenue through building successful international projects on a wide scale.

Creative and well equipped with social media advertising, interaction and effective communication in order to gain results. Experienced in building a well-respected brand with excellent customer service and building online presence leading to followers who are raving fans.

Work experience

Feb 20132016


The Missing Piece Publishing 

The Missing Piece Publishing is the creator and publisher of the international best-selling book series; “The Missing Piece” which provides a platform to help authors and online business grow a successful international platform and help them succeed in turning their followers into raving fans that constantly buy from them.
What first started out has an empowerment Facebook page quickly grew into an international publishing company, which created, and published, a best-selling book series and went on to publish solo author books which also helped create the same success.
In just 2 years The Missing Piece Publishing created over 115 international best-selling authors; it’s touched thousands of people’s lives all across the world by airing a daily podcast that has already been listened to over 68,000 times, became a sponsor to the upcoming documentary film “Coaching Movie”, which is starring the world renowned coaches like Jack Canfield and Marci Shimoff.

The Missing Piece also had the privilege of published the book of the award winning film diretor Betsy Chasse, who is best known for co-producing the American box office smash hit “What the Bleep Do We know?” And certified dream coach and “Chicken Soup For The Soul” author Debbie Spector Weisman.

Now I am semi retired from this and wish to place my skills that I learn't to good use to help others manager their social media the right way.


Registered Nanny

Duties included minding children from ages 0-15 years old from my home.  I went on to build this into a nanny agency with employees before retiring and going into online business.



Child Psychology

CSI college 

Diploma in child psychology