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Mature professional dedicated to exceptional customer service, and sales for a restaurant establishment. Personable, and passionate about serving guests for an enjoyable experience. Enjoy having great relationships with coworkers and management. Committed to making restaurants thrive in the community by enthusiastically applying my skills. Experience with hostessing, serving, and sales while obtaining thorough knowledge of the company's product, mission, and needs. Energetic, organized, disciplined and focused.

Work experience

Feb 2017Present


Rockin Baja Lobster, Old Town, San Diego

Fast paced and high volume restaurant. Greet and welcome guests at the door with excellent customer service. Seat servers in rotation according to their sections, and to the guests requests/ reservations, and/or to management's direction. Do side work with cleaning menus, high chairs, bathroom check, bussing tables and rolling silverware. Answered phone, took reservations on Open Table program, put in food orders from phone, uber eats, grub hub, and post mates. Closed the restaurant with many closing duties to include turning off all electronics, putting everything away into hostess stand, collect all menus, put away all signs and surfboards, throw away bathroom and hostess trash into trash bins out back. Collect tip out for all the hostesses from servers and divide it up appropriately. Offered the servers any help they needed when not busy with hostess duties. 

Jan 2015June 2017


Dobson's Bar and Restaurant, Downtown, San Diego

As a server, I introduced our specialty dishes to guests and up sold items. In addition, I offered  to answer any questions pertaining to the menu for customer satisfaction. I made recommendations from our wine list and comfortably opened up bottles of wine at client's table in order to eloquently pour into their glass. Carried trays up to 30 pounds in weight while climbing up staircase to dining area and served specialty dishes and drinks to tables. Frequently checked on my assigned client's to ensure they were enjoying their meal and experience for quality assurance. Moreover, I remained calm when any concerns would arise and took action when necessary to resolve any type of problem. I worked as a team player, prepared various desserts, and used the "Aloha Point of Sale" computer system. As a hostess, I assuredly reserved the tables through "Open Table" Software, on the phone, and called back guests to confirm there reservation. As customer's arrived, I confidently greeted and seated all guests with a pleasant attitude and assisted the team with their responsibilities in order to ensure that all guests received exceptional service.

April 2016May 2017


El Agave Tequileria Restaurant, Old Town, San Diego

As a hostess, I am the first person the guests see when they walk into the establishment so I enthusiastically greet and welcome customers upon there arrival. I direct and guide them to where there evening will begin, make accommodations, answer questions, locate their server, and assist the team with their responsibilities in order to ensure that all guests receive exceptional service. With Open Table Software, I reserve the tables, make reservations on the phone, and call back to confirm. As customer depart, I confidently thak all guests with a pleasant attitude and wish them farewell.

Aug 2005Mar 2015

Sales and Fundraiser

San Diego Repertory Theatre Non-Profit Art Organization

Enthusiastically called season subscribers and single ticket buyers to market the shows of the season. Consistently sold 1-2 subscriptions per evening within a three hour time limit. In addition, I diligently called donors and patrons to ask for a kind gift of $100 to $1,000 for the fiscal year of the organization and successfully generated 1-3 donations per night. I confidently built a good rapport with the patrons and successfully became one of the top sales closers on the team. Therefore, I was reliable in assisting the sales manager in training new employees, and supervising the department when needed. As a trustworthy employee, I occasionally worked independently in the office, and self managed the shift without any problems.  

May 2011Nov 2011

Season Subscription Sales 

Cygnet Theatre Non-Profit Art Organizaton

I self managed a fundraising campaign and called season subscribers and renewed their annual subscriptions. I scripted descriptions of the shows, created a pitch, and built a rapport with the clientele. I offered affordable packages that fit their schedule, made seating arrangements with the box office, and handled the client's payments over the phone. In addition, I mailed out brochures to subscribers and followed up with phone calls. I brought in 1-2 subscriptions per night. As a trust worthy and self dependent employee, I opened and closed the office during the shift, turned off the alarm at the end of the night, and had my own key.    

Jul 2007Aug 2008

Cashier and Cook

Cafe Zahir, Normal Heights, CA
  • Greeted customers, took their food order, and handled their payment.
  • Prepared espresso specialty drinks  and smoothies.
  • Made specialty sandwiches, salads, gyros, and falafels.
  • Served desserts such as baklava and cheese cake.
  • Assisted with cleaning duties.
Jan 2006May 2006


La Jolla Playhouse  Non-Profit Art Organization

Vivaciously contacted potential donors of the La Jolla Playhouse and asked them to pledge a generous donation. Persistently followed up with perspective donor's interested in making a contribution. Acquired fundraising skills, generated contributions, reviewed and updated donor's information, and completed credit card transactions. Additionally, I categorized my leads according to financial potential and loss so that management could properly analyze financial projections and strategic development.

Jun 2005Sep 2005

Cashier and Cook

Station Cafe, Juneau, Alaska
  • Greeted customers, took their food order, and handled their payment at the cash register.
  • Prepared specialty espresso drinks such as cappuccinos, lattes, americanos, iced coffees and teas.
  • Made various specialty sandwiches and salads.
  • Served bagels and pastries
Oct 2004Jun 2005

Telephone Operator-Bilingual

Direct Satellite TV

I answered incoming phone calls in english and spanish for Direct Satellite TV and directed their call to the appropriate department based on what there concern was. After asking a series of questions I would determine whether to transfer their call to the sales, customer service or technical support department.  


California Food Handler Certification

CPR, AED, and First Aid

American Heart Association


Jan 2006Dec 2011

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Sciences

San Diego State University

I majored in theater arts with a minor in English. I took a variety of theater arts and English composition classes that ranged from acting, vocalization, movement, directing, theater history, Shakespeare, British literature, and dramaturgy. Furthermore my education included children's theater, creative drama, mythology, poetry, and advanced writing strategies. 

Aug 2000May 2003

Associate of Arts (Drama)

Southwestern  College

My major was theater arts with an emphasis in performance. My education varied from dance, acting, music, and mime. As well as directing, sound, lighting, set design, costume, and make-up. I also studied musical theater, one act plays, and improvisation. Furthermore, my education included fieldwork for a touring theater troupe, two competitions for the American College Theater Festival, and an acting internship with San Diego Repertory Theater.    


Computer Skills
  • Proficient in Aloha POS and Open Table software   
  • Microsoft Office Suite, Excel, and Power Point
Customer Service Skills

Professional and Mature Customer Service Representative 

  • Welcoming, approachable, sociable, and informative
  • Work well under pressure
  • Patient and receptive to difficult cases to ensure customer satisfaction 
  • Pleasant attitude to ensure client's comfort and interest 
  • Listening and catering to client's every need
  • Problem solving in conflict of interest without becoming upset
  • Ensure customers are delighted and pleased with the company


Excellent Verbal and Written Communication Skills

  • Bilingual in English and Spanish
  • Exceptional telephone etiquette with multiple phone lines
  • Public speaking with efficient diction and vocal techniques 
  • Public relations and networking 
  • Listening skills that are attentive and responsive
  • Outgoing, friendly, and conversational  

Engaging and Proactive Leadership Skills

  • Time management 
  • Organizational skills
  • Multi-tasking skills
  • Self-motivated, confident, decisive, and driven  
  • Positive reinforcement 
  • Encouraging, impacting, and trustworthy
  • Delegating and facilitating in order to meet goals and objectives
  • Conflict management and negotiation skills in problem solving
  • Respectful team player with integrity
  • Unbiased of race, age, gender, and beliefs
Administrative Skills

Outstanding and Efficient Administrative Skills

  • Professional in adhering to the rules and principles of the profession
  • Highly organized and structured with assigned responsibilities
  • Consistent  with all operational methods
  • Strategical planner to improve the efficiency of business operations
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite, Excel, and Power Point
  • Fluent typist 60 words / minute