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"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"- Wayne Gretzky

Cover Letter & Resume

Work experience

Apr 2015Aug 2015

Summer Student

County of Paintearth

I worked as a summer student at the County of Paintearth. I did a variety of jobs, including: Driving tractor and packer, driving tractor and discs, working on the tar crew, landscaping, office work and filing, painting, yard maintenance, cleaning, putting up and replacing signs, and building maintenance.

Jun 2014Aug 2014

Summer Student

Village of Halkirk
Summer Student Village of Halkirk Halkirk, Alberta My responsibilities included: mowing, weed eating/spraying, painting, garbage routine, water/plant flowers, maintain 2 cemeteries, maintain rodeo grounds, and town maintenance.
Jul 2010Aug 2014

Disability Support Worker

P. R. O.S. Agency

Community Disability Support Worker Castor, Alberta I worked with two non-verbal paraplegics, and a blind man. My responsibilities included: cooking, cleaning, changing attends, bathing, resident exercises, and working on individuals personal skills.

Jul 2013Aug 2013

Disability Support Worker

Laura Gamroth 
Disability Support Worker Halkirk, Alberta I worked with a little Down-syndrome girl. I aided her in her school subjects, as well as personal goals and fitness.
Apr 2012Mar 2013

Dietary Aide

Our Lady of the RosaryHospital 
Dietary Aide Our Lady of the Rosary Hospital Castor, Alberta My responsibilities included: washing dishes, floors, and tables, preparing food, and serving residents. Volunteer Experiences


Sep 2014Apr 2016

Criminal Justice Policing Diploma 

Lethbridge College

I am currently in my second year of the Criminal Justice Policing Program at Lethbridge College.


High School Graduate

Gus Wetter School

I attend Gus Wetter School from preschool to grade 12. I received my  high school diploma at Gus Wetter School. 

Mission, Vision &Values


I hope to better the community and the people I work through compassion and hard work. I will take constructive criticism and respect opinions to help better myself. 


Be approachable, and ensure safety for the people I serve. 



Short Term Goals  & Long Term Goals

Short Term Goals

- Graduate from Lethbridge College with a diploma in Criminal Justice Policing.
-Gain new skills and knowledge through new volunteer experiences.
-Start a career as a Correctional Officer and a part time Rancher.

Long Term Goals 
- Start a full time Ranch
-Get married
-Start a family
-Open a horse therapy camp for rehab kids.  

Skills & Attributes


Computer Skills                Throughout high school, college and various job experiences, I got familiar with many different                                                   programs. Some including, Life Touch, Adobe Photo Shop, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point ,                                                 Prezi, PM expert, and many more. 

Team Player                      Between playing many sports, being apart of 4-H, and working in many group projects I gained                                                  this skill. I have also used teamwork in my family and relationships. I enjoy teamwork and new                                                    teammates to put skills and thoughts together to complete a task successfully. 

Commitment                   Being a divorcee child, teammate and captain, coach, classmate, employee and club member, I                                                 do not like to let people down. I fully commit to what I get myself involved in. 

Good Communicator   I have worked with many different personality types, and many different people; both verbal and                                              nonverbal. I have worked in a group home with 2 nonverbal paraplegics, and a half verbal blind                                                  man. With these past experiences I can pick up on body language, and nonverbal cues easily. 

-Hard Working 
-Open Minded

Extracurricular Activities 

In my spare time I enjoy, hunting,horseback riding, and working on the farm. I also enjoy boating, yoga, skiing, snowmobiling, and being with family and friends.

Certificates, Awards & Achievements  

Here is a showcase of a few of the certificates, awards and achievements that I have completed. 

Letter of Reference 

This is a letter of reference from Nancy Tamblyn. 

Past Work History 

Above I have outlined my duties at past work experiences. Here are two pictures showcasing me working as a disability support worker. 


Ralph Bedson 

Box 509
Castor, Alberta

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Doris Cordel

Box 161
Halkirk, Alberta
T0C 1M0
(403)-884- 2464

Mandy Gonda
Employer/ Family Friend 

Box  188
Halkirk, Alberta
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