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Work experience

Community Service

Laurel Elementry

Every summer I go and help at Laurel Elementary to get my hours for high school. I like to work with little kids when I help I'm  mostly in the front desk helping the secretary.



I am currently still studying at high school getting a good education in  this wonderful High School (California High School).


Education is one of my skills I've been in school since I was in kindergarden and I've been really good at school I always try hard in what I do and I dont give up.  


I am currently studying at California High School. Working really hard to get good grades. My education is my first priority.


When I'm older I would like to travel around the world. I'm really interested to meet places I've never been to it catches my attention a lot. 


I am a student Currently still in High School Trying to get good grades so in the future I get into some good colleges.


Being a good Student