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Work experience

Feb 2015May 2015


Performance Toyota of La Vista

Competitive sales and goals to reach each month. My job was to sale cars to be aggressive make constant phone calls, send out emails, to make the sales I needed each month. Skills I got out of that job,was determination, discipline, focus, responsible and a lot of strategy thinking. As well as building a relationship with customer and having there trust.

Sep 20132016


Hollister/Abercrombie & fitch

My position there is as a model. Skills that involve in my position are that I have to wear their clothes in the style the company has them so for when customers come by the will purchase it. As other things I do there is help the manager with marketing we have that has to be put out and sales of the day that were done last year and for them to be achieved on the present day.

Oct 2014Jan 2015

Fine Jewerly 


Tasks and skills that had to be complete are very strong communication skills with customers. I have to be very persuasive and keep the customer engage on the the merchandise their looking at. You have to make things go our way but at the same time let customer think there the once making the choice. The skills that I have there involve a lot of thinking, strategies, communication. 

May 2011Nov 2013


I had four children to take care 3 boys and 1 girl. Of ages 3 months, 3yrs, 5yrs, and the other one way 9yrs. Duties had to do with them were several each were different age so they requiered different attention. The main things were always be on top of everything to stay alert, energetic, lot of patience, and have several strategies to help out through the days. Stay organize and know each children needs. Be playful with them give all your attention but at the same time give yourself respect so the children know who's in charge and will give respect back. You have to be the leader in order for them to do what they need.


Aug 2014Present

Marketing Management 

Iowa Western

I have currently completed my first semester in college. I completed courses such a retail management, personal selling, and visual merchandise, international marketing, human resource, and entrepreneur All those classes help me learn the basic of marketing. How to build skill, trust, communication, and to think like business person. How to close deals and steps that need to followed. As well as common databases that are used in companies now a day.

Aug 2010May 2014

High School Diploma

Ralston High School



To have motivation stay focus accomplish every step to get to your goal.
Public speaking 
It helps how to present something and have your ideas be heard and out there. Gives better skills to communicate with others
Goal setting
To have a vision of what you want and to stay focus to know the results of what you are trying to accomplish
Keep your task organize to keep moving forward and no time to waste. To have your priorities straight 
To know how to transmit your point on a subject and have them believe your reason on what you want others to believe.
To convey information clearly and simple. To understand and get work done. Know how to understand others.