Klint Spiller

Klint Spiller


At the moment, I am trying to decide whether to jump into the field of journalism or go to law school. As a sophomore, I was so unsure about how I could choose between the two fields that I decided to double major just to put off the eventual decision. Now, as I am graduating from Fort Hays State University and am facing that upcoming decision, I still am not sure about which path to take. As my summary states, I was born to be a journalist, but those same traits could be applied to law.

I will be taking the next year (2011-2012) off as I attempt to improve my Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score and weigh my options about what profession to join.

Over the next year, my objectives are to either:

  • Be admitted into a law school
  • Find a job as a journalist for a newspaper, magazine, or news website

Whatever I do, I want it to be a challenge. I want to test myself. My ultimate goal is self progression, and I feel like either career decision could provide for a major challenge.


I was born to be a journalist — at least that is what my mom told me when I constantly questioned every aspect of our daily lives growing up. As I have grown, I have learned that she might have been right. After all, I love delving into a subject, exploring every crevice of an issue and, most importantly, telling stories. I was pushed in the direction of journalism when I was young. My uncle, Alan Montgomery, who was an award-winning journalist, told me stories about his experiences as a foreign correspondent and writing under intense deadlines. He was the person who first captivated my interest in journalism.

I practiced my journalistic skills on my junior high newspaper, ascended to editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper and then moved from copy editor to sports editor to editor-in-chief of Fort Hays State University’s weekly campus newspaper. I also worked for the Hays (Kan.) Daily News (circ. 11,000) while I was in college as a sports reporter. Though I focused my attention on news and opinions while I was in high school, it was in college where I became a sports writer.

I had always loved sports. My father would take me to every Kansas Wesleyan University basketball game in Salina, Kan., and I was active in athletics at my high school. It was a natural fit for me. It has never seemed like work, because I love sports, which is a reason why I am so eager to challenge myself. In athletics, competitiveness is integral to development. I have expanded that competitive nature to my own growth in life and my profession. I have lived and breathed journalism my entire life, and I want to continue my personal development in the field.

According to my results from the Keirsey temperament test, I am a Guardian, meaning I am dependable, trustworthy and enjoy being a valued member of a team. My results did not surprise me, because the trait I value most in myself is my work ethic. I take pride in the fact that I never quit and exert every bit of my available energy to whatever task is at hand. My biggest weakness is tied closely to my work ethic. I have a tendency to overstretch myself; it is hard for me to say “no” to new responsibilities. I enjoy being the person people depend on, so I rarely say no when I am approached about new opportunities. 

Work History

Work History
Sep 2008 - Present

Sports Writer

The Hays Daily News

I cover local and regional athletics across Kansas. I mainly follow Hays High and Thomas More Prep-Marian on the road. 

Aug 2007 - May 2011


The University Leader

As a freshman, I started as a copy editor. I became sports editor as a sophomore. As a junior, I added the responsibilities of managing editor before becoming editor-in-chief as a senior. I oversaw a budget of $80,750 and advocated for the organization in front of the Student Government Association. I managed the training of new staff members and facilitated communication between members of the senior staff. Over four years, I wrote nearly 500 stories.

May 2010 - Aug 2010


Oller, Johnson & Bittel, L.L.C.

I organized discovery for civil, criminal and domestic cases. I also drafted motions and requests for the court, and I observed and transcribed interviews, hearings and trials. 


Aug 2007 - Dec 2011


Fort Hays State University

I finished with a 4.0 GPA and was on the Dean's Honor Roll every semester. 




I am very good at capturing action at sporting events, but I am not extremely adept at adjusting the settings on a manual camera. However, I am willing to learn.

Copy Editing

I started at my high school newspaper and collegiate newspaper as a copy editor and edited stories and pages even after I ascended to higher levels on the newspaper staff. In the one year I competed at the Kansas Associated Collegiate Press Association competition, I received third place in copy editing (2011).

Page Design

I have experience in InDesign and Pagemaker.


I have won awards in nearly every category of writing, including news writing, feature writing, sports news writing, editorial writing, review writing and headline writing.