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  • Senior IT Professional with 9+ years of industry experience in ITIL Problem Management, Service Delivery, Incident Management , Team Management, Log Investigation and Application Development
  • M.Sc in Computer Sciences from Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • ITIL V3 Foundation and Information Security Foundation based on IEC/ISO 27002 Certified
  • Outstanding Performance Award by i2c for the year 2011-2012
  • Experienced in building new teams and initiating new team operations from early phase to a mature level
  • Experienced in managing projects and products, creating project plans, executing projects and delivering as per specifications, schedule and within budget
  • Built and initiated operations for Problem Management and Log Investigation team at i2c and
    • grew up the team from 1 resource to 10 resources
    • Extended Log coverage from 43 servers to 500+ servers/zones
    • Extended Application performance review from 2 applications to 47 applications
    • Induced Splunk (SIEM) for Log Investigation
    • Induced Application Manager (for Application Performance Management)
  • Built a development team at Obo Solutions and initiated the development of JourneyXP product which later on resulted in migration of 90% of development from Denmark to Pakistan team.
  • Experienced in managing local as well as cross functional teams
  • Experience of working in IT, Telecommunication, Customer Experience and Payment Card Industry
  • Skilled in all phases of Application development life cycle; expert in translating business requirements into technical solutions and fanatical about quality, usability, security and scalability

Work experience

March 2016Present

Senior Software Engineer

Obo Solutions, Islamabad, Pakistan


  • Team Management
  • Project Planning/Execution
  • End to End Application Development
  • Sprint Planning
  • Sprint Execution
  • Manage daily SCRUM meetings
  • Release Management
  • Change Management
  • Application Performance Analysis
  • Requirement gathering and respective collaboration with Project Manager and Product owner
  • Issue resolution for Customer Satisfaction
  • Resource Hiring


  • Joined the development team as a very first resource, hired further resources, build the team and started team operations in Pakistan office.
  • Each customer was configured with a separate application instance. Worked with these multiple versions to produce a single application instance to deal with the needs of all the customers and brought all the customers to use a consistent data model.
  • Designed a module with name Data Services which was aimed to provide a platform where different data sources (e.g. FTP, REST, DB etc) and data formats (e.g. CSV, JSON, XML etc) can get associated hence data can be fetched, transformed from one format to another and delivered to some other data source
  • Designed a module with name Validation Pipeline which was aimed to provide data validation based upon complex custom validation rules, designed by users at runtime from the front end application.
  • As we are working with Micro services, hence developed a module to manage the instances of each service, which based upon the input data frequency was launching multiple instances of same service to help process the data in an efficient manner

Skills Used:

Java, Maven, Eclipse, RabbitMQ, MySql, Sqlite, NoSql (CouchDB), JSON, CSV, FTP, REST, Ubuntu, Git, Jira

October 2014March 2016

Senior Application Consultant

IBM Italia S.P.A, Islamabad, Pakistan


  • Application Development
  • Application Integration using IBM Integration Bus
  • Application Monitoring


  • Designed and developed multiple backend application to fetch hardware and software inventory from multiple sources. IBM is developing/managing an application for inventory management where hardware and software inventory is being stored from across the globe.
  • Designed and developed a module of hardware/software front end application.
  • Worked with Turkish airline’s web application to fix a number of defects.


Skills Used:

          Java, DB2, IBM Integration Bus, Eclipse IDE, Git, RTC

March 2011July 2014

Principal APM Engineer

i2c, Lahore, Pakistan


  • Team Management
  • Project Management
  • Log Auditing, process automation and SIEM (Splunk) Management
  • Event analysis and reporting
  • Producing daily reports of OS, network, databases and email server events
  • Incident Management and resolution in a 24/7 environment
  • Incident Root Cause Analysis
  • Service Monitoring to ensure availability as per Client SLA
  • Application Performance Management
  • Application Trend Analysis
  • Capacity Planning
  • Process building
  • Resource hiring and training
  • Conducting configuration audits for infrastructure maturity


  • Joined the team as a very first resource, hired further resources to build the team and started team operations as per company vision.
  • Initially started monitoring 2 applications and providing respective improvement suggestion and raised this practice to 43 applications for which my team was performing a monthly performance review and provides improvement suggestions.
  • My proactive performance management recommendations brought a processing savings of 14 hours/day.
  • Initiated an organization wide process for the hiring of new resource and their initial level training.
  • Started with manual review of daily operating system logs of around 30 servers and extended the logging infrastructure to 500+ servers/zones. In addition automated the log review process by developing and inducing a number of shell scripts.
  • Extended the log review process to review Switches, firewalls, routers, databases and email server logs along with operating system logs.
  • Evaluated multiple SIEM solutions and induced an Splunk for log review purpose. Designed dashboards, queries, alerts etc for process automation hence the overall team operations which I started from scratch reached there at a mature level and all the processes went automated.
  • Evaluated multiple Application Performance Management solutions including AppDynamics, NewRelic, Manage Engine’s Application Manager etc and induced Manage Engine’s solution as Application Performance Management tool for i2c.
  • Maintained and defended organizational compliance with PCI requirement 10 during PCI audits for the year 2011, 2012 and 2013

Skills Used:

ITIL, Service Delivery, Incident Management, Problem Management, Vendor Management, Change Management, SLA/OLA Management, Spreadsheets, Informix, Solaris 10, Shell Scripting, SQL, Alfresco, SVN, OTRS, Splunk, Manage Engine, Nagios, Open NMS, Java, WebStats

July 2007February 2011

Software Engineer

Averox (Pvt) Ltd


  • Product Development
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Development and Management of Fault Tolerance and High Availability modules
  • Analysis of Client’s hardware specifications


  • End Participated in the development of Provisus [Service fulfilment solution]
  • to end management of Network Transaction Router [Provisus module to handle all the communication between Provisus and Telecommunication NSS Layer]
  • Designed & developed vendor specific network communication adapters for (Siemens HLR, Siemens IN, Ericsson HLR, Vodafone HLR and Vodafone MLR)
  • Designed and developed network element simulators for Siemens HLR, Siemens IN, Ericsson HLR, Vodafone HLR and Vodafone MLR.
  • Network element specification analysis for Siemens HLR, Siemens IN, Ericsson HLR, Vodafone HLR and Vodafone MLR
  • GUI based test application development for Provisus simulation.
  • Designed and developed a module for fault tolerance purposes which was intended to use dual NIC cards in primary and secondary servers rather than a virtual switch.


  1. ITIL V3 Foundation [License #: 1038219]
  2. Information Security Foundation based on ISO/IEC 27002 [License #: 1142255]


  1. Outstanding Performance Award – IT Operations 2011-2012 by i2c Inc
  2. Certificate of Merit 2000 – 2001 by Pine Hills College



M.Sc in Computer Science

Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan