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Work experience

Freelance / Business Owner

Other experience

Sep. 2003-Jul. 2004


Business owner: Software and computer management, client service in a Cafe Internet in Celaya, Guanajuato, as owner along with my husband, with family capital.

May 2000-August 2000


Freelance:Reviewing and writing for a job search engine, This company, based in Mexico City, went out of business months after I ended my contract with them.

Jun 2008Present

Internet Assesor


The main aim of the work of an Internet assessor is to improve a search engine’s results for all web users worldwide. The work involves evaluating results of a web search, for their appropriateness to the search query input and to provide feedback i.e. your opinion of the result displayed.

The search engine I am working for and more specific tasks in this role are confidential due to a Non Disclosure Agreement. This job is freelance and is done at distance.


Helping, in coordination with a team of Internet Assesors, to improve the web experience of users worldwide.

Sep 2012Present

Web Produccer

Maldonado Publishers
  • Writing articles for different Maldonado Publishers' clients
  • Researching information for this company
  • Writing, editing and uploading information in Maldonado Publisher's client portal
  • Editing and uploading images and videos to enhance the articles in that portal
  • Managing publications for News for Kids, an brand owned by Maldonado Publishers, on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus


  • Create more content for a Mexican portal and revenue for them and Maldonado Publishers
Mar 2010Feb 2011

Community Manager

PPB Consultores

As part of this consultancy firm, I was responsible for managing the different social media accounts of Prendamex, a Mexican company with more than 100 employees and 750 offices in the country.


  • Created a community for Prendamex through Social Media, improving his brand image in this new media.
  • Helped to create a new way for this company to improve sales, since the company used this Social Media to do at least one campaign, with discounts for the clients who use this media.
Jul 2004Mar 2007


A.M. (Newspaper)


  • Edited pages from the Local section of the newspaper.
  • Read news stories, corrected them, added items to make them more attractive
  • Lay out pages and worked with the Design Department to create this pages in InDesign.


  • Helped to improve the quality of stories in coordination with reporters, avoiding any mistakes in facts, grammar, orthography.
  • Improved, in collaboration with other coeditors, the time used to finish the daily edition.
  • Helped, in collaboration with other coeditors and with the leadership of my boss, the Chief Editor, to improve the newspaper quality in general.
Aug 2001Sep 2003

Senior Web Coeditor

Reforma (Newspaper)


  • Established objectives for the section
  • Planned and implementing actions to accomplish this objectives
  • Organized daily content for the section, like news, photo galleries, multimedia, among others.
  • Coordinated content, in synergy with the printed section and other web sites of the Reforma Group, to have a rich content in the site at real time
  • Answered e-mail and phone calls from readers to improve the section.

  • Managed staff under my supervision (2 to 3 employees) to accomplish the section objectives.


  • Helped to generate more specials for the readers, like animations, tests, among others.
  • Incresead the news stories published in real time in the section. Before being Coeditor the 3 principal news was updated once a day, but my team began to update it three times a day, with constant renovation of the rest of the news.
  • Generated more daily content for the users (photogalleries, videos, among others).
  • Improved the coordination with other Web Coeditors of the Entertainment section of the newspapers of the Reforma Group.

Note: I was in training for one month before entering to this position (July 2001)

Sep 2000Jun 2001

Quality Control Assessor

Reforma (Newspaper)


  • Reviewed the web site, supervising orthography, grammar, multimedia and style.
  • Corrected mistakes, with the help of Senior Web Coeditors of each section of the newspaper site.
  • Kept the site updated, working as Web Editor of the front page of the site.
  • Helped in the organization of chats, news edition and special events like Vicente Fox assumption of the Presidency.


  • Helped to improve, in collaboration of the Senior Web Coeditors of the sections in the newspaper, the quality of the site.

Note: I was in training for one month  (July 2001) after this position ended, in order to understand fully my next position as Senior Web Coeditor.

May 1998Feb 2000

Handbook Editor / Coordinator of Information for Distributors

Computación en Acción (Computer Software)


  • Managed information for the distributors
  • Created information tools using Director, Acrobat and Web Design
  • Edited software manuals
  • Planned information and documentation
  • Designed and updated the corporate web site


  • Helped to improve the quality of software manuals
  • Increased the information available for distributors related to the software the company sold.
  • Made more tools available for the distributors, so they could assist the final user of the software.


Aug 1993Dec 1997

B.A. in Arts

ITESM (Monterrey Institute of Technology)

My education allows me to pursue a career in mass media, such as designing commercials, writing for a newspaper, managing a corporate crisis, producing a film, or capturing and processing images.

I obtained an scholarship (45 percent of the tuition was condoned while I was studying) due to my good grades (I needed to have a 80/100 during my highschool to obtain this scholarship and I had to mantain  90/100 grade while studying this B.A.).

Aug 1990May 1993



I had a scholarship due to my good grades (I had a 80/100 in my previous education and maintained a 80/100 grade while studying highschool to maintain my scholarship).


MS Office Software
I have extensively used MS Office 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007 since the university and in previous jobs, especially Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook.
I can make a web page using HTML code. In my university, I made a web page for a teacher and in my first job I designed and kept updated their first corporate web page.
Bilingual - Spanish
I am able to research and write news stories, have great grammar and writing skills, able to read and improve stories written for others.
Bilingual - English
I am able to write, read and speak fluently in English. One of my interests is reading daily news from sites like Washington Post or New York Times. I blog and participate in sites in English to practice and improve my use of this language even more.


Adriana Garay

I have a reference letter from the Human Resources department establishing how I worked in this position (in Reforma they were in charge of giving reference letters, not the direct bosses).

Eduardo Martínez Borja

I have a reference letter from this boss, his phone and e-mail only at interview process.

Leonardo Giadans

I have a reference letter from this boss, his phone and e-mail only at interview process.

My Portfolio


I like reading all kinds of books and newspapers, watching movies, learning and using new technologies and gadgets, browsing the web, watching TV (series that present investigative people - like Dr. House or CSI- are my favorites), cooking, going for a walk with husband, my kids or my dog.


  • Developing Procedures, Politics and Documentation / Information Mapping, Inc. / April 5, 1999 to April 9th, 1999
  • Designing Information for the Web / Information Mapping, Inc. / April 26th, 1999 to April 28th, 1999
  • Writing for the Web / Information Mapping, Inc. / April 29th, 1999 to April 30th, 1999
  • Macromedia Director / ITESO / August 2th, 1999 to August 13th, 1999
  • Macromedia Flash / Digitrain (Guadalajara, Jal.) / 29 de Noviembre de 1999 to 10 de Diciembre de 1999


My aim is working in job positions were I can thrive and help the company to reach their goals using the following skills: working with external clients to give them relevant information, researching, solving problems, working in multifunction teams, using information technologies and software, helping people to improve his writing, investigative and researching abilities, planning and generating content, using web tools, browsing the web to obtain useful information, assessing relevance of obtained information, proofreading content.


Journalist with advanced writing skills in Spanish and good English level.

Organized, goal driven, proactive.

Experienced as reporter too, covered local news in my last newspaper.

Designated as editor of a section in my latest job, called Our Neighbors. This section included at least four pages (front page and inside pages).

Designated Web Editor for the Entertainment section in a newspaper site (

Coordinated people to make this section stand out and have more readers.

Worked as Coordinator of Information for Distributors in my first job, after being Handbook Editor initially.