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Karuna is a volunteer of the American Red Cross. She has completed course in: Mass Care Overview, Shelter Operations, Shelter Simulation, Media Relations Disaster Volunteers, Logistics Overview, Logistics Simulation, Psychological First Aid, and Standard First Aid. Karuna also enjoys volunteering at her local animal shelter, where she has helped raise funds for the shelter, and has found homes for her four legged friends.


Karuna Raizada attended the prestigious Aiglon College, a finishing school in Switzerland, before embarking on her post-secondary education in the United States. While at Aiglon, Ms. Raizada took part in multiple expeditions through the Swiss Alps. Led by experienced guides, Aiglon’s students explored the Alpine terrain via ski, canoe, bike, and on foot, pushing themselves past their perceived boundaries, thus gaining independence and experiencing success outside the classroom. Ms. Raizada remains engaged with the school today through the United States branch of its alumni group, Friends of Aiglon College (FOAC), through which she volunteered to arrange charity events near her California residence and helped raise funds for the school. Looking ahead to a career in the financial sector, Ms. Raizada entered the Economics program at Arizona State University, earning a Bachelor of Science. Building on her academic achievements, Ms. Raizada attended Pepperdine University, obtaining an Applied Finance degree at the Graziadio School of Business and Management. Equipped with her education, Karuna Raizada entered the professional world. At present, she practices financial planning in affiliation with a large, well-known wealth management company. With a strong brand name behind her, and a range of potential investment and insurance vehicles to offer, Ms. Raizada provides her clients with investment and retirement advice pursuant to their unique situation. In addition to her professional responsibilities, Karuna Raizada volunteers through the American Red Cross (ARC) and her local animal shelter. For the ARC, she completed training in a variety of disaster management skills, including Shelter Operations, Psychological First Aid, and Logistics Overview. For the local shelter, Ms. Raizada assisted the organization’s fundraising efforts and helped find new homes for animals.

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Pepperdine University

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