Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2014 - Present

Head- DESIGN & Engineering

PHILIPS Healh tech india

HEALTHCARE INFRASTRUCTURE - design & construction of hospitals in INDIA

MIllion sft, 10+ hospital projects 2000+ beds are Designed  and managed from STRATEGIC PLANNING stage; my roles include DESIGN research & strategies, Facilities Programming & Master Planning, Concept & schematic design and management of Documentation & consultants; IPD / BIM - integrated project development & technology are my thrust areas.

  • DESIGN RESEARCH , Programming , Master Planning , PLANNING data, 
  • DESIGN strategies, Design reviews,  Modular design, construction simulation. 
  • Site Planning, Concept Layout, schematic & detailed design; management of ARCHITECTURE, Interiors, structure , Landscape, MEP  consultants.
  •  STRATEGIC Planning, BIM, IPD -integrated Project Development ,  , ENGINEERING documents & ERP, WPI- work place innovation, PMC
  • SALES, Integration of HEALTHCARE  technologies, design consulting, medical EQUIPMENT site planning & installation team.

Jun 1996 - Jan 2014


Habitat CTO

Strategic planning           

  •  Developing and executing action plans for strategic initiatives/ Planning as a key player in Innovation. 
  • Process mapping of requirements of Client organization, generate alternatives, evaluate and create client brief.
  • BUSINESS PLAN identifying business opportunities. assessing risk, developing an implementation plan.
  • Preparing and presenting feasibility reports, functional & design program to the client.
  • Risk assessment & environmental impact study.


  •  MASTER planning in relation to BUSINESS plan/ FACILITY Plan / OPERATIONAL team.
  • Planning, Design and construction drawings, documentation & schedules
  • Coordinate consultants for DESIGN, STRUCTURE, MEP with conceptual domain knowledge.
  • Design reports incorporating ensuring operating and code compliance from concept to detail design.
  • BIM management and coordination of standard details library, design documentation, detailed working drawings and specifications.
  • Preparation of tender documents for contracts.

Jun 1996 - May 2006


GENESIS Consulting


  •  Defining Project SCOPE, performance objectives. ( ISO, SA, TQM ) MIS- management Information system.
  •  Budgeting, Estimation & cost management.
  • MIS- management Information system development and implementation
  • Budgeting, Estimating, value engineering & cost control of projects.
  • Planning, monitoring & control of progress against established schedules.
  • Manage the process of Building construction permits.
  • Contracts management – Tendering, agreements with Contractors and vendors.


  •  EPC-Engineering/Procurement/construction
  • Survey, Site infrastructure development, & supervision
  • SCM- supply chain management inventory & materials
  • Quality plan, assurance & control
  • Safety plan, health & environment compliance.
  • Testing, transition management till commissioning

Jun 1994 - May 1996

Architect - Healthcare Planner

Apollo Hospitals

Worked on PETRONAS, prince court centre, MALAYSIA  on Design review 2003



Healthcare Infrastructure

Master Plan & townships 

HEALTHCARE- Professional services

APOLLO hospitals - ASEAN region



DESIGN strategies

innovation & reasearch

Architecture design

Concept, scheme, detailed design 

Hospital planning & design

Hospitals, medical colleges, wellness housing & campus

Design Review & management

Brown field projects and managing client team

BIM / IPD / construction documentation 

New business model centered around technology

Engineering & Construction Managemt

ERP integration with BIM for Tendering, procurement & billing

project management

INtegration of Funding, Approvals, Consultants, sourcing with design & construction.

STRATEGIC  planning

Site selection, market studies & feasibility appraisal

Architectural Programming

Facility briefing and design program

Master  planning

Phasing, land use , site planning

Business Strategy

Business development, AOP, SOP, process implementation. 

Habitat technology

End to end seamless TECHNOLOGY integration 


Accountability & Authorities

  •  Project Lifecycle Management
  • Cross functional teams
  • Responsible for effective process deployment.
  • Deliver projects on-time, within budget and   quality   
  • Responsible for Customer Satisfaction.


  •  Revenue Impact: 850 cr ( Euro 100M -2016-17 ) 
  • Budget/ sellex: 5%
  • Direct/ Indirect ecosystem:
  • Internally with Sales/ marketing, Strategic Planning
  • Externally with Consultants / vendors/ Contractors.
  • Technology: BIM-REVIT,DROFUS, salesforce, ERP- MS, SAP;  

Decision level

  •  Recommend improvement in service delivery.
  • Framework for  revenues, IGM, AOP budget.
  • Crisis Management.
  • Determine quality objectives
  • Marketing process
  • Resolve any issue/conflicts within own set of projects  
  • PROCESS Improvement to deliver outcomes.
  • Ensuring Governance,

Fiscal roles

  •  Recommend the “Make or Buy" policy (outsourcing )
  • BUDGETING with income & cash flow statement,
  • Cost Control of service delivery costs


  •  Ensure compliance of assigned services
  • ETHICS at work building a culture of  trust  

   External Interface

  •  All project cross functional teams
  • Innovation / strategy worldwide / R&D Centers.
  • Corporate, Quality& regulatory, F&A, HR & IT, Ethics.

COLLABORATION Key expectations from organization

Teamwork skills

  •  DEVELOPING Employee strategies
  • Resource planning maximize staff utilization
  • Mentoring & leadership development
  • Partner with account and project managers
  • Crafting team's vision and motivate members
  • GLOBAL Collaboration with VIRTUAL teams
  • Work seamless internally and externally
  • Communicate performance feedback
  • Recognize the personal traits of strategic thinkers.
  • TEAM Management overcome   interpersonal conflict.
  • Reinforcing mindsets to role model desired change.
  • performance evaluation meeting
  • RETAINING talents   work/ life imbalance.

Behavioral Skills

  •  Strong people skills, focusing on leadership,  
  • Ability to delegate and a proactive approach
  • Stress management  
  • Proven influencing skills (drive, leadership)
  • Multitask between Technical and operational functions.

Personal attributes

  •  knowledge of tools to take ownership of team work.
  • Positive attitude and a team player
  • Ability to prioritize and drive key success factors
  • Ability to see big picture as well as attention to details
  • Perception of gaps & development of competencies
  • Ability to manage ambiguity
  • Written and oral communication skills.
  • Delivering presentations with impact.
  • Process mindset and crisis management abilities.

 Vendor management

  •  Negotiation process:
  • End to end partner integration.

WORK experience