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A programming and game development enthusiast who loves music.Interested in maximizing my learning curve and building something new rather than the old ways of applying.


CBSE 10th

Growell Public School

Head Boy


Bachelor Of Technology

IIT Jodhpur

CPI-6.7/10 achieving a highest of 8.35/10



BSM Public School

Passing Percentage-89.8%


Proficiency in C,C++,JAVA and familiarization with Linux working environment.

Fluency in HTML,CSS and Javascript.

Highly motivated and interested in Object Oriented Analysis and Design

Expertise in Probability,Statistics,Random Variables and Discrete Mathematics.

Pragmatic Knowledge of Operating Systems,Database Management Systems and Computer Organization and Architecture.

Interested in Application Development for multiple interface users.

Work experience

Marketing Assistant Head

Varchas Sports Fest,IIT Jodhpur
  • Brought in sponsors to sponsor our fest for dual-sided benefits.
  • Part of the team which brought in an overall amount of nearly 1 million INR by various sponsors from all over India.

Head Flagship

Head Flagship Events Ignus Managed a budget of 0.1 milion INR to organize various flagship events. Member, Programming Club A member of the Programming Club under the Technical Society.