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Currently share and maintain information, inspiration and current events on two weblogs.  
Social Media Savvy
Maintain social media outlets on the following platforms:   LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Google + Instagram Wordpress Blogspot Tumblr  
Meeting Facilitator
Preside over and facilitate various meetings from school clubs and community organizations.
Events Planning
Currently the Co-Chair of the Steering Committee for the 145th Anniversary Celebration at St. Ambrose Episcopal Church, scheduled for October 2013.  
Public Speaking
Speak publicly for various audiences in professional, secular and religious settings.  
Bilingual - Spanish
near native fluency in Spanish with dialects fluidness in southern Spain and the Caribbean.  Conversationally proficient in Portuguese and Italian.  Reading proficient in Latin.


Traveling (domestic and international), reading (autobiographies, fiction, self-help), socials trends and fads, music (R&B, salsa, soca, reggae, gospel, jazz, classical), monotheistic spirituality, cycling, college sports, Afro-Hispanic literature and culture

Work experience