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Work experience

Aug 2008Present


Freelance Video Projects
  • Project involved creating a DVD of a “Greatest Generation” WWII veteran telling his story of the Battle of Okinawa to a group of Iowa farmers. The project involved editing raw film footage and creating the story flow. There was also extensive work required to eliminate wind and external noise. Project was done using Adobe Premier, Sound Booth, and Encore. Final DVD ran 41 minutes.
  • This project involved creating a DVD of a preschool graduation. The DVD opened with a selection of student work done throughout the year, then transitioned into the graduates trying on their gowns and then into the graduation ceremony, and finally the party. The project involved editing raw film footage and creating the story flow, incorporated music to match and sync with the scenes. Used Adobe Premier, Sound Booth and Encore. The final piece ran for 1 hour.
Aug 2008Present

Graphic Designer/Photographer

Freelance Design/Photography Projects
  • Created multiple layouts of a photograph of a century old street lamp. This project required using different filters and tools. The objective was to make each piece appear to look as old as the street lamp itself. Photoshop was used to give the image the look(s) required.
  • This project required the restoration of two worn down pictures, one of a little girl the other of a WWII soldier. Photoshop was used to erase the existing watermarking and wrinkles and to brighten the colors and contrast.
Aug 2009Present

Medical Underwriting Administrative Assistant

RSA Medical

·Find and review medical and pharmaceutical claims for health insurance applicants

·Obtain and transfer client/applicant information to cases being underwritten

·Import applications to be reviewed and underwritten

·Add applications into company software for easy review

·Work with multiple clients and maintain a positive relationship through efficient execution of their requests and projects

·Maintain quality assurance and efficiency of underwriting processes


Aug 2005Jul 2008

Visual Communications

Westwood College
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communications and Multimedia
  • GPA 3.43
  • Executive and Dean’s List (January 2007 term)
  • Alpha Beta Kappa member
  • Awarded luncheon for academic accomplishment in achieving Executive Dean’s List


Adobe Master Suite CS3 (Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, Dreamweaver, Flash, Encore, Soundbooth etc).   Video Editing Software (Adobe Premier, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Avid)  
  ·            Graphic Design skills include creating designs, concepts, and sample layouts based on knowledge of layout principles and esthetic design concepts. Ability to prepare illustrations and rough sketches of material; discussing them with clients or supervisors and making necessary changes if needed. Proficient in Macintosh and Windows operating systems  Skilled using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook 





To obtain a graphics design position with a Graphic Design/Multimedia firm where I can leverage my design skills in a variety of medium working on all aspects of a product, magazine, campaign or company.