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I am looking for a team who is seeking a calm and transforming executive presence to help them unleash their potential and multiply their results.

I excel at bridging gapsthat waste money and opportunities: the gap between ideas and their implementation; the gap between effective administration and cumbersome bureaucracy; and the gap between empowering teams and accountability for results.

Bridging the gap between ideas and their implementation

  • Karl provides practical form, structure, and direction to visionary ideas and corporate values.
  • Addresses intractable problems with out-of-the-box thinking, using a calm, direct, issue-oriented approach to confrontation, problem-solving, and change.
  • Involves the entire team in designing a workplace culture that represents company goals, individual working styles, and efficient processes.

Bridging the gap between effective administration and cumbersome bureaucracy

  • Karl streamlines, reorganizes and re-imagines processes to facilitate action.
  • Provides focus, organization and resources so that managers can make better decisions sooner and adjust more quickly to changing circumstances.
  • Addresses the underlying causes to presenting problems, anticipates unintended consequences to policy shifts, and integrates financial goals with complex administrative structures.

Bridging the gap between empowering teams and accountability for results

  • Creates hard-working, fun-loving approaches to achieving both shared company goals and diverse individual ambitions.
  • Designs "maturing" position descriptions based on enhancing professional contribution, personal development and team collaboration.
  • Supervises via direct, respectful communication, outcome-based performance standards, and career enhancing professional development.

Work experience

Jan 2004Present

Founder, Principal

Bold Enterprises | Cultural Architects

Workplace Consultancy

Helps clients identify underlying issues, develop systemic solutions, and design strategies for implementation and criteria for evaluating progress in four areas of expertise: No Excuses Leadership, Enterprising Teams, MeaningFull Careers, and Effective Systems.

Executive Coaching

Assists individuals achieve their professional aspirations and increase their leadership effectiveness by providing an objective and supportive source of ideas, feedback, and structures for change.

Enrichment Seminars

  • No Excuses Leadership Workout: Performance Coaching for Busy Professionals
  • Unmasking the Hidden Potential of Problems in the Workplace
  • Career Tune-Up: Designing a Meaningful and Rewarding Career Path
Jan 2006Present

Host, Columnist

Working Matters: The Working Cultures Blog


Regular online articles seeking to catalyze conversation and influence the broader culture with reflections about the challenges of work, career, and leadership.


Weekly audio show discussing practical workplace issues and offering creative and empowering alternatives.

Social networking

Facilitation of connections and conversation using emerging technologies, such as Wordpress, Twitter, Ning, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


Administrative Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program

Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Reorganized and administered 700-student professional degree program.
  • Developed program direction, designed academic content and advised doctoral candidates.
  • Managed $1 million program budget, staffing, contracts, and performance.
  • Designed relational database to administer coursework and increase communication


Corporate Administrator

Robert Englekirk Consulting Structural Engineers, Inc.
  • Directed business and administrative functions: contracts, budgets, accounting, billing,

    human resources, facilities, and legal.

  • Maintained advisory relationships with banks, attorneys, CPA’s, and pension consultants.

  • Led transition to computerized accounting and contract administration. Contracts include

    Getty Center, Wiltern Theatre, Emerald Plaza, and One Westwood.

Working Matters: Leadership