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About Karl Brensike

The chief executive officer of Haymaker Minerals & Royalties, LLC, Karl Brensike oversees purchases of oil and gas minerals and royalties in specific basins across the United States. When he founded the company in May 2013, he closed a $100 million private equity commitment, which has since been raised to $200 million. Karl Brensike continues to guide Haymaker's approach of purchasing small portions of an individual's mineral holdings, thus allowing owners to remain invested in their properties while earning some immediate return.

Previously, Karl Brensike co-founded other companies, such as the energy firm Remora Oil & Gas, and his first entrepreneurial project, a software company known as netHESIVE, Inc. His other experience includes positions as analyst and marketer for the Argent Funds Group, and senior managing director and investment committee member at Cornerstone Acquisition & Management Company. While with Cornerstone, he started the World Oilman’s Poker Tournament, which is hosted each year in Las Vegas.

Alongside his career, Karl Brensike serves on the board of the fundraising committees for Spaulding for Children and the YDC Roast for the Youth Development Center in Houston.                            

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University of Southern California